Greyhawk Adventures

Greyhawk Adventures by Camruth

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1 token colourless, 4 white, 6 blue, 3 black, 3 red, 3 green, 14 multicolour, 2 artifact, 13 land

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a "Good" D&D set based on the OG of D&D worlds.

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Creature – Centaur Shaman
Whenever a Forest enters the battlefield under your control target Centaur you control gains Trample until end of turn.
Colour indicator RG Token Creature – Centaur
Legendary Creature – God
Haste, Trample
Whenever a Forest enters the battlefield under your control, create a 3/3 red and green Centaur creature token with Haste.
Tap three untapped Centaurs you control: reveal the top four cards of your library. You may put a land card from among them into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.
Sacrifice a Centaur: Return Skerrit, the Hoofed Lord to its owner's hand.
Colour indicator G Token Creature – Dryad
Forests you control are Indestructible.
Colour indicator R Token Creature – Kobold

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On Dretch:

In DND Lore, a Dretch is the weakest type of Demon, it can gate in others of its kind like most demons but this only has a 50/50 chance of success, whilst very occasionally leading to a small horde of the buggers. This is what I was trying to capture with the card. Also, with cards that let you roll more dice and choose the result this gets much better.

On Dretch:

What if the 1-10 was not "Do nothing." but "You may put a card named Dretch from your hand onto the battlefield."?

Not only would it mean the "a deck can have any number"-clause matters again, but it would also help with the scaling, you might prefer that result before 11-19 if you have the card.

Though the card disadvantage is still a thing hurting that option.

On Dretch:

Unless you're using a loaded die, this probably isn't very good? You've got a 50% chance of only getting a 1/1, and in exchange you get a 2.5% chance of getting three. (and a faction of a percentage chance of getting more - with an unlimited upside).

So while "It might be worse than a bear, but it might be really good once in a million" is a card I might run, I'm not sure why you'd want to run a deck filled with loads of these. (Is it being basic a holdover from the previous one that went searching for a copy?)

... I kind of want to suggest the old search version in preference - since I went looking to find out what the heck a 'dretch' is and my first hit was a green dragon. So if this was upposed to have a chance of fetching that it would be kind of interesting.

On Dretch:

This is a version to remove any seartching/revealing/shuffling/time wasting. Its a little more powerful but much more streamlined

On Beory, Oerth Mother:

trying something a little different.

On Beory, Oerth Mother:

You know, Dryads are allowed to have other abilities than forestwalk these days.

On Isolated Wood:

It's an interesting take that I dig.

On Isolated Wood:

Planning a cycle of these in allied colours. Is both better and worse than Sunpetal Grove. Better in that it has the land types worse in that you need basic lands for it to enter untapped.

On Robilar's Cohort:

originally was {1}{w} gain first strike & {1}{b} gain deathtouch but decided to try the merge. plus black knights have first strike often enough that it felt ok

On Robilar's Cohort:

Since white is better at first strike than black, it feels weird to have a white card that doesn't get its first strike unless you pay black.

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