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Aethelu Reborn by UncleIstvan

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30 green, 50 multicolour, 8 artifact, 8 land

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After the great cities fall, who shall rise?

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Legendary Creature – Jellyfish
Whenever a source you control deals noncombat damage, Skim 2 (Exile the top 2 cards of your library face up. You may play those cards this turn.).
last 2012-12-09 17:20:01 by UncleIstvan
Legendary Creature – Bat Assassin
Flying, first strike

If Pterod, Bloodseeker would deal damage to a creature, exile that creature instead.
last 2012-11-28 04:35:31 by jmgariepy
Creature – Insect Shaman
Propagate (If this creature would deal damage to a player, put that many 1/1 green Insect creature tokens onto the battlefield instead.)

{1}, Sacrifice a creature: Target opponent loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.
Creature – Insect Shaman
Propagate (If this creature would deal damage to a player, put that many 1/1 green Insect creature tokens onto the battlefield instead.)

{b}, Sacrifice a creature: Target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn.
Creature – Scyzoa

Whenever Plummeting Mesoglist deals combat damage to a player, sacrifice it. If you do, destroy target land that player controls.

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On Swarmblaze:

Ah yeah I hadn't even put it together that these are the same card lol. Damn WotC, stealin' my cards.

On Swarmblaze:

Gatecrash brought us Homing Lightning just a month or two after you put this up :) You're right that it's a good answer to propagate though.

On Agelix Fleshgrower:

Thanks for the feedback guys. Haven't looked back through this set in a while haha.

I realize the mechanic can be pretty strong, in fact this card may be a little pushed. In fact, I should probably lower the power on most creatures with this ability. This mechanic is for the type of player that would rather be putting out tokens than dealing damage. I know that this is one of my favorite mechanics and I love how it plays. I admit it can be a bit hard to parse, but I think that it is easier for a new player to understand than it seems.

I would say that it is probably worse than an enchantment that puts out creatures each turn, because these give the opponent a way of interacting. I think that this card is more relatable to Precinct Captain or Rapacious One or Pollenbright Wings, all of which still deal the damage. With anthem and Soul Warden effects, you still have to deals damage in order to get the tokens. I think the hoops you have to jump through allow the creatures to basically be on curve, a little weaker due to the board advantage they can accrue.

However, things can get clogged. I included a pretty good number of sac effects in the set, to make them feel like more of a resource than a creature, but I think putting in some anti-token measures in each color is probably a great idea. (For example, RW already has Swarmblaze)

EDIT: Yeah re-examining this set, most of the cards with this mechanic are too strong. But I don't necessarily think that it's because the mechanic is too strong, I just need a good developing eye to re-evaluate these cards. I mean, that's the point of development.

On Agelix Fleshgrower:

'Instead' is a whole other issue which I didn't bother touching, since I figured one criticism per card is enough. But it's worth mentioning, I suppose. I like cards that give me both things, not one or the other. I do like cards that force me to make a decision... but not as a mechanic. If the issue is "But that makes the mechanic too powerful", then I'm pretty sure you're asking yourself the wrong questions. The question I prefer to ask myself is "How much fun can I make this mechanic?" Your mileage may vary.

On Agelix Fleshgrower:

Hm, yeah. On the one hand, this is "instead" which is clearly weaker than "when", and it's not that complicated -- it wouldn't normally happen, but probably could happen as a set keyword that has some common cards. On the other hand, "instead" is probably more confusing, and all the usual reservations that this can't be common at common still apply.

On Agelix Fleshgrower:

Well, it certainly isn't worse than an enchantment that puts a 1/1 creature into play ever turn. That said, there are no commons that put token creatures into play every turn any more (or at least, it's infrequent). I'm pretty sure that got swept under the carpet of New World Order. Even Return to Ravnica and Selesnya doesn't have one at common, if I remember correctly.

I think you may have stumbled into an Uncommon+ mechanic. That said, I like this mechanic... and you can't exactly put it on too many small creatures anyway. I could see it being on one common or maybe two commons as well. You just got to make sure not to clog your set with too many creatures that makes creatures. Most limited environments wouldn't be able to handle choking on all the creatures, and those that do, (probably) won't be fun to play in.

On Agelix Fleshgrower:

It's interesting, but I fear it would be frighteningly hard to balance as a keyword, especially at common. Any anthem effects mean your creatures deal double damage. Soul Warden would be quite good with Propagate creatures.

On Agelix Fleshgrower:

This is an interesting mechanic, I'd like to see how it plays. It seems like it will often end up about the same as normal damage, getting the damage through a turn later. But will be worse if the opponent has good blockers, and a lot better if they don't.

On Medura, the Oracle:

Yeah, I modelled it after Tamanoa, but card advantage seems to be more powerful than life gain. Go figure. I'll edit it at some point to make it more fair.

On Medura, the Oracle:

This followed by Cave-In is particularly nifty.

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