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A whole new set Skeleton, and some mechanical tweaks

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Rust (Revised)

This set takes place in a technologically advanced world where the people have learned to fuse artificery and enchantment to create intelligent machines. Unfortunately, a large faction of these artificial intelligences have risen up to conquer this world, and eradicate the life within it.


Twobrid Mana: Cards tailored to the AI faction utilize twobrid mana, allowing you to spend two generic mana in place of the coloured mana requirements of that spell.

Networks: Some AI faction cards create Network tokens. These are colourless Aura enchantments with Enchant Artifact. Most AI cards function more effectively when targeting an enchanted artifact.

Thrive: This is an ability word that denotes a card which cares about protecting the natural diversity of life. Thrive cards grant a bonus if you control three creatures, no two of which share any creature types. This mechanic is primary in red and green, and secondary in blue and black.

Manufacture: This ability represents the industrious nature of human society. Cards with a manufacture cost can be exiled from your hand as a sorcery, and then cast by paying their manufacture cost over an extended period of time. Manufacture costs always use generic mana exclusively, so their payment can be easily tracked using counters.


AI: Since the AI faction cards utilize twobrid mana, its archetype is more fluid between colours, although it is centred in white, blue, and black. Instead of colour, this archetype is determined more by card types; Choosing mostly artifacts and cards that create Networks.

­{w}{u}: Overpaying

­{u}{b}: Reanimator

­{b}{r}: Thrive Aggro

­{r}{g}: Thrive Midrange

­{g}{w}: Nonartifact Tribal

­{w}{b}: Human Tribal

­{u}{r}: Cast from Not Hand

­{b}{g}: Sacrifice

­{r}{w}: Manufacture/Vehicles

­{g}{u}: Thrive Ramp

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Creature – Human Artificer
Prototype Wingsuit
Artifact – Equipment
When Prototype Wingsuit enters the battlefield, attach it to the creature that manufactured it.

Equipped creature gets +1/+0 and has Flying.

Equip {2}
last 2021-10-22 06:58:35 by SecretInfiltrator
Creature – Human Soldier
Manufacture 3 (You may exile this from your hand with three counters on it. Pay mana to remove that many counters. You may cast it for free as long as it has no counters.)
1 comment
2021-09-13 15:17:32 by continuumg
Whenever you cast a spell, draw a card if you spent more mana than that spell’s mana value to cast it. When you do, discard a card unless Data Prism is enchanted.
1 comment
2021-04-06 17:22:51 by continuumg
As an additional cost to cast Planned Obsolescence, sacrifice an artifact.

Cast a spell with mana value up to the mana value of the sacrificed artifact plus the number of auras attached to it without paying its mana cost.
Exile target nonland permanent card from a graveyard. You may manufacture that card as if it had a manufacture cost of {x} as long as it remains exiled, where X is its mana value.
1 comment
2021-05-16 16:24:49 by continuumg

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On Wingsuit Engineer:

Yeah, I think some clarifying wording was removed in the last edit. I'm just explaining from memory.

On Wingsuit Engineer:

You get a token? That's extremely unclear

On Wingsuit Engineer:

Its never the artifact. You can cast a copy of the artifact spell (becoming a token). There is plenty of room for reminder text though, that should be used.

Compare Battlefield Smith, except continuumg makes you actually cast it.

It is unclear right now, whether you get to manufacture Prototype Wingsuit once or any number of times and at what times.

On Wingsuit Engineer:

When it's on the battlefield, how can you keep track of whether it's the creature or the artifact?

On Wingsuit Engineer:

I made a similar mechanic called blueprint once and I feel that DFCs are not the right way for this to go. I feel Adventure-like mini-versions of the token would work better for a card that never is actually put anywhere with its back-facke up.

On Wingsuit Engineer:

Possible new take on Manufacture.

On Assault Suit Veteran 2:
On Synthetic Humanoid:

MaRo has mentioned this mechanic before. Was called layaway in playtesting

On Nexus, the Datamind:

Wheee! That's delightful!

On Nexus, the Datamind:

Considering changing it to:

5 cost

2/3 Vigilance Menace Flying



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