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Quarantine Custom Set by Lev

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Making this set over quarantine with friends.

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Grim Vengnece deals damage to any target equal to the number of creatures and planeswalkers that died this turn.
last 2020-07-28 23:59:14 by jmgariepy
Create two 1/1 white and black Spirit creature tokens with flying. You lose 2 life.
Bloody Revelation deals 3 damage to target creature and 3 damage to target player.
Return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield. It gains trample and haste until end of turn.
Create two 1/1 Saproling creature tokens, then put two +1/+1 counters on up to two creatures you control.

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On Grim Vengnece:

It also doesn't answer the multiplayer problem. One good Wrath in a five player game will probably deal 15 damage, without the tokens. You don't even need to cast the Wrath... you just wait for the Wrath player to do what Wrath players naturally do.

Though that problem should be easy to solve if it only counted creatures and planeswalkers you and target opponent controlled.

On Grim Vengnece:

Those tend to trip on losing your own stff - this one lets you go "One side wrath - to the face".

Which sure; it's a valid thing. It just seems like it's a bit environment warping.

Which is a shame, because this also lets you do more interesting things like "I activate all my 'sacrifice' abilities. And then also use them to punch you on the nose"

On Grim Vengnece:

Seems reasonable to me, compared with Liliana's Standard Bearer and suchlike.

On Grim Vengnece:


On Grim Vengnece:

Ouchie, that's a nasty finisher after a wrath. What is a token deck supposed to do if this is in the environment?

On Glittering Veil:

Simple fix to that: turn "all but one" into "all", and have the last ability be "X is one plus the number of charge counters on ~".

Edit: Wait... Sorry, I hadn't realised V actually suggested that too (in the middle of his comment).

On Glittering Veil:


Feels like a kind of interesting little game, where your opponent needs to be at least as efficient as you. And then you read the "on your turn" and realise people would actually just combo it with Clockspinning for a perfect lock-down.

Take that 'on your turn' out, and you at least need to start using Power Conduit. But, uh, Power Conduit does actually, you know, exist?

So honestly, I'd suggest balancing this by taking out the "on your turn" and the "but one" bits (so if you cast nothing it sits at zero) and letting them cast one more spell than this has counters.

Same effect if you're not abusing it; and if you do abuse it, they can at least cast one spell a turn. (Such abuse is still useful, of course - lets you cast a spell and still they can only cast one)

Oh - my reasoning for removing the 'on your turn' bit - if left in, then you just end up with a "Ok, so I cast everything during your turn" deck. Which seems a bit of a boring place to always end up, given such an otherwise interesting idea for an effect. There are already too many "Draw, Go" decks out there.

On Biogenic Revelation:

Feels solid, though the set is going to want quite a lot of frobbling to support it properly.

On Darkest Dawn:

Eh, even if it eats its own dogfood; it's only +1/+1 each turn. So that's probably not a huge problem. It also lets it bootstrap itself.

More of a problem, I'd think, would be the tracking. "This counter is a 1/1 zombie, and this blueish one is a 3/3, the kitten is... stop eating my tokens kitten!" Uh, I got sidetracked, but you get the idea.

On Darkest Dawn:

Probably. Then again, this only makes one creature, so it can't really swarm super well. It can make big guys though, especially if you have a sacrifice outlet.

For this effect, I'd say this is balanced how it is.

Minor nitpick: Charge counters are used often on artifacts. Since this is an enchantment, maybe another counter type would do better to distinguish it from an artifact.

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