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madness encarnate!

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Legendary creature – human knight
Players who control black permanents cannot counter Darthos.
Protection from Black and from Blue
Darthos may block any number of creatures.
{w} Darthos gains +0/+3 until end of turn
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2012-06-17 12:28:14 by Vitenka
creature – human knight
First Strike, Vigilance
creature – angel
flying, protection from black and from blue
creature – human cleric
{t} add {w}{w} to your mana pool
Legendary creature – angel avatar
When Nyrmaku enters the battlefield, exile all black permanents. Nyrmaku cannot be countered.
Flying, Trample, Vigilance, Protection from Black and from Blue
As long as Nyrmaku is in play, all permanents you control have protection from black and from blue.

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On Darthos, Bastion of Flyria:

Quad white? I think it needs to be "Seplls controlled by players who control.." that can't do the countering, but who knows.

And that's one serious brick wall. Not sure if it's too unremovable, really. I guess if the opponent wins the creature race they can out splat it eventually.

On Mulrektir, Unweaver of Minds:

I designed this monster for my personal game, but as a magic card I wanted him to be a late late LATE game drop like emrakul that players would try to get out sooner. he is hard to cast, and I want it that way.

On Mulrektir, Unweaver of Minds:

this is for my personal use. insanity counters are a mechanic i designed.

On Mulrektir, Unweaver of Minds:

14 FOURTEEN. And it isn't "I win the game, and the next one"

Can a player even have insanity counters?

On Mulrektir, Unweaver of Minds:

this is my art. it is copyrighted intellectual property. I own Mulrektir, Unweaver of Minds, but i do not own Magic the Gathering or any of Wizards of the Coast's subsidiaries.

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