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A collecting place for card ideas from a set with no blue cards.

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Land – Desert
As Crystalline Spires arrives, you may reminisce . If you do, choose a color. If you don't, Crystalline Spires arrives tapped. (To reminisce, put a card from your graveyard on the bottom of your library.)
{t}: Produce {c} or {w}.
{t}: Produce one mana of the chosen color.
last 2020-01-06 10:20:34 by SecretInfiltrator
Land – Desert
Shimmering Sands arrives tapped unless you reveal a monocolored card from your hand.
{t}: Produce {w} or {c}.
{t}: If you revealed a card as Shimmering Sands arrived, produce one mana of that card's color.
last 2020-01-05 06:37:07 by Link
Creature – Nomad
[Prepare {w}]
Delirious Wanderer arrives with a +1/+1 counter on it if you cast it from exile.
last 2019-11-30 13:40:30 by Link
Land – Desert
Prepare ({3}: Exile this from your hand face down. You may look at it and play it for as long as it remains exiled.)
Dusty Fairgrounds arrives tapped unless you played it from exile.
When Dusty Fairgrounds arrives untapped, draw a card.
{t}: Produce {c}, {g}, or {w}.
Creature – Elf Monk
Meditate {2}{g/w} ({2}{g/w}: You may open or close your gate. Meditate only as a sorcery.)
Whenever your gate opens, put a +1/+1 counter on target creature.
Whenever your gate closes, you gain 1 life.
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2019-10-29 20:57:35 by Link

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On Crystalline Spires:

Well, that happens if you want to make a world without blue mana.

Does something Unstable Frontier or Ancient Ziggurat satisfy your desire?

On Shimmering Sands:

Dear Past Link: this is a bad design.

On Crystalline Spires:

I'm not enamored with it, and as a standalone design I greatly prefer Forgotten Glade. That card just doesn't solve what I was trying to solve when I made this one.

On Crystalline Spires:

Use Forgotten Glade over this any day of the week.

If you for some reason are enamored with this design, make it a single card without the fixed colored mana option rather than a cycle.

On Delirious Wanderer:

Maybe, yeah. I think putting it on permanents is a mistake. It was intended to be a spell mechanic.

On Delirious Wanderer:

It would seem to me that prepare would play better if its timing was restricted.

The {3} cost makes this seem more like a rehash of morph than you probably want.

On Graveslide:
On Twist of Fate:
On Twist of Fate:

Ohhh haha. I dunno. You must secretly be my target audience.

On Twist of Fate:

Make cards I love.

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