Lev's Core Set

Lev's Core Set by Lev

207 cards in Multiverse

83 commons, 54 uncommons,
46 rares, 7 mythics, 10 basics, 7 tokens

1 token green, 1 token red, 3 token white, 2 token black, 32 white, 22 blue,
28 black, 31 red, 21 green, 26 multicolour, 17 artifact, 23 land

88 comments total

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Copy target spell or ability chosen at random.
"Lovely spells. I'd love to borrow any of these fine spells."
last 2019-10-10 15:50:35 by continuumg
When Crumbling Legacy enters or leaves the battlefield, you may destroy target legendary creature an opponent controls.
{1}{b}, Sacrifice Crumbling Legacy: Target opponent loses 2 life.
When Fruits of Impulse enters the battlefield, exile the top 3 cards of your library.
You may cast spells exiled with Fruits of Impulse.
When there are no cards exiled with Fruits of Impulse, return it to your hand.
last 2019-10-07 23:24:32 by dude1818
Creatures you control with flying get +1/+2.
{3}{u}: Target creature gains flying until end of turn.
A thousand generations guide their journey across the skies.
When Frostwing Elemental enters the battlefield, if you control 3 or more islands, scry 1.

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On Force of Chaos:


How about for just {r}

Copy target spell or ability chosen at random. Choose new targets for the copy at random.

On Force of Chaos:

I guess it's only costing (colour) less than Fork so it being identical 99% of the time is fine?

The electronic version that can choose any spell cast all game would be fun, though.

On Fruits of Impulse:

That's just card draw, not impulsive draw. Better than red is allowed

On Fruits of Impulse:

mono-red control got good

On Soldier Construct:
On Songbird:
On Bird:
On Rogue:
On Bear:
On Zombie:
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