Myacyania: Return of the Oligoch

Myacyania: Return of the Oligoch by Froggychum

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The Old Oligoch break free from their prison when an immensity of new ones arrive from the Blind Eternities without explanation. Now, Myacyania must join forced with what remains of Drisdalton, post-separation and fight these powerful intruders to save their world! Even ancient volcanic creatures rise to the occasion!

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Creature – Human Wizard
Whenever a Human you control leaves the battlefield, target player mills two cards.
For each differently named Symbiote attached to a Vampire you control, create a token that's a copy of it and attach it to that Vampire
last 2018-12-16 19:22:31 by Froggychum
Enchantment – Aura Symbiote
Enchant Vampire
Enchanted Vampire has First Strike. If it killed a creature this turn, it cannot be targeted by creature abilities your opponents control.
Enchantment – Aura Symbiote
Enchant Vampire
Enchanted Vampire gets +1/+0 and has Lifelink
Enchantment – Aura Symbiote
Enchant Vampire
Enchanted Vampire has Vigilance. It cannot be tapped by spells or abilities opponents control

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On Symbiosis:

i love you bruther

On Symbiosis:

If you only want one copy of each uniquely named symbiote, it might be better to template it as "For each differently named Symbiote attached to a Vampire you control, create a token that's a copy of it and attach it to that Vampire."

On Symbiosis:

Struggled for a way to write this, tell me if i could do better.

my desired effect is that the player (in any order on the stack or any other chronology) makes it so their vampires with symbiotes on them get a copy of each on them again. So if I had a Oligoch Oligarch with two Powder Blankets and an Onyx Blade of Transmutation attached to them, they would gain 1 PB and 1 OBT

On Brood of the Blood-Barren:

upped the kicker by 1 cus my wording kinda made the ability undercosted

On Brood of the Blood-Barren:

I figured being read this card's name, enfranchised players would think Blood-Baron, because im pretty sure thats a thing from somewhere in this damn ol game

I meant Blood-Barren because these "vampires" are more or less based off of the symbiotes from marvel comics, except that's their natural form and they don't do symbiosis or whatever, they are basically alien goo

They also use symbiotes to gain strength, which is where the symbiotic relationship is, those things are biotic/organic, but not naturally occurring, you could make an argument for sentience, but i wouldn't consider it more than a blob of tissues and nerves that has no brain or emotions or whatever. (their form varies about as much as pokemon do so this last bit is a bit inapplicable occasionally im sure)

Also im sure plenty of my tokens are a mess, because i know but constantly forget that tokens have their creatures types in their progenitors card and the name is written out separately and differently.

Dude1818 that's a great idea, because it works well with another card i made im forgetting the name of ...

On Powder Blanket:

Symbiote isn't very synergy right now. I only justified making the card type by pointing the finger at Amonkhet for Cartouches doing it first.

I'm gonna add some support for this, not just getting them, but rewards for having them (only one or two (?) card(s?) ha(ve?)s mentioned them so far)

I'm gonna fix this card as well, but that speel was just something i wanted to get out the way before i get a "JEWEL COUNTER MECHANIC BAD" pulled on me once more :)

my turn to deconstruct :)

I think you mean Holy Strength. Also you said that's worth than (it should be worse) -- Game Theory: does secret infiltrator have a lisp? That would thuck tho many thad thacks of theed (maybe? idk/c)

On Double-Edged Obsidian Spear:

Thank you:)

My least favorite part of this card is the name, I couldn't find a better one (Double-Edged Spear sounded a bit too much like it was taking the spot of a past or future card)111

I purposely designed this to be thought of as a weapon wielded by some Elite Guard Force (since in all them Store Wart movies they always stay afloat during tag-teams against Jedi far long than one might expect.)

Edit: I also liked the idea of making double strike defensive rather than offensive

On Elder Lithian of The War:

Nope. It sucks imo that Magic has such smooth rules but it's built on layers of unspoken technical stuff and components that rarely go referenced (read: damage being put on rather than compared... also why heal target creature is something im afraid to do in a 'canon' set)

I got an idea tho

On Volcanic Spray:

oops, call me a

On Brood of the Blood-Barren:

Are you suggesting something like "[Those tokens/Each OB you control (if you want to be spicy)] deals damage equal to its power to target opponent"?

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