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CardName: Powder Blanket Cost: w Type: Enchantment - Aura Symbiote Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Enchant Vampire Enchanted Vampire gets +0/+2 Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Myacyania: Return of the Oligoch Common

Powder Blanket
Enchantment – Aura Symbiote
Enchant Vampire
Enchanted Vampire gets +0/+2
Updated on 16 Dec 2018 by Froggychum

History: [-]

2018-12-15 20:23:56: Froggychum created the card Powder Blanket

That's worth than Holy Aura for a higher cost and only in a single tribe? Tough sell. What does Symbiote add that's worth running such a horrible card?

Symbiote isn't very synergy right now. I only justified making the card type by pointing the finger at Amonkhet for Cartouches doing it first.

I'm gonna add some support for this, not just getting them, but rewards for having them (only one or two (?) card(s?) ha(ve?)s mentioned them so far)

I'm gonna fix this card as well, but that speel was just something i wanted to get out the way before i get a "JEWEL COUNTER MECHANIC BAD" pulled on me once more :)

my turn to deconstruct :)

I think you mean Holy Strength. Also you said that's worth than (it should be worse) -- Game Theory: does secret infiltrator have a lisp? That would thuck tho many thad thacks of theed (maybe? idk/c)

2018-12-16 16:32:10: Froggychum edited Powder Blanket

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