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Mana flood is a nice way to deal with that issue, but I don't think it would need to sacrifice the land. It seems like an unnecessary restriction. Without it, you also get the potential for Johnny-style land matters/mana flood-on-purpose decks.

@dude1818 I'm new here, so I hope dude1818 sees my reply... I don't see a reply function.

I'm not sure what you mean by Johnny-style land matters/mana flood-on-purpose decks taking advantage of this land ability by having it sacrificed when it enters the battlefield. I'm explicitly trying to make the act of playing the land into a kind of cost since you can only play one Mana Flood every turn unless you can play more than one land a turn.

Hi, LordMarlin, and welcome to Multiverse!

There's no direct way to send messages to another user, but most people tend to watch the recent activity pages either for specific cardsets or for the site as a whole. Subscriptions and individual watchlists are one of the most-requested features and one that I'm hoping to roll out within a month or two.

Welcome to Multiverse! What I meant was that I don't think mana flood lands need to be sacrificed. If they're not sacrificed, they can be used to pay for other mana flood lands, encouraging high land-count decks.

LordMarlin, I think the point dude1818 was trying to make is that the ability of Mana Flood is something you would only activate if you have nothing else to do, and by forcing the player to sacrifice that land, you're punishing the player for having... nothing to do. Instead, you could do things within a "land-matters" framework, like:

Mana Flood — {3}{u}{u}: Draw a card. (Activate this ability only if CARDNAME entered the battlefield this turn and you control 5 or more lands.)

I'm very happy to see that nobody is complaining about how I've themed the imagery of this set around the anime Madoka Magica. It's nice to know this community is focused on the design of the mechanics rather than what someone chooses as their motivation. This is a good community. Thanks everyone.

on 17 Apr 2012 by Visitor:

It probably helps that I've not heard of it :)

I've seen a few episodes of Madoka. I don't see any inherent reason why it's a bad thing to theme a cardset around; we've got cardsets for Starcraft, Doctor Who, Lovecraft, and even Pokémon. If you're interested in designing well-balanced Magic cards that are fun to play, we're up for discussing and critiquing them :)

I've added the mandatory cycle of multicolored lands for my set. For the purpose of comparing this cycle of "cities" to the whole Locus fiasco that happened in Modern a while back, there will only ever be these 7 cities and not one more. Please think about that as you comment on my idea for dual lands.

It doesn't seem like there's enough exile to support Memory. I see like 1 Recover card New Arrival Kyouko & a couple of white rares. Possibly Kumano, Master Yamabushi type effects in red, and more generic exile in white. There could also be "self-mill" theme in blue, except exiling your own cards.

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