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# Name Colour Rarity Cost Type P T Card text Comments Recent comment
1 Wedley the Young White Mythic 3{1}{w}{w} Legendary Planeswalker – Wedley 3 +1: Target Warrior you control gets +2/+2 and gains Indestructible until end of turn
0: Create a 2/2 white Elephant Warrior Ally creature token with First Strike
-1: You gain 1 life for each Warrior you control
2 Jace, The Puppy Who Was Hit Too Much Blue Common 1{u} Legendary Planeswalker – Jace 1 0: Put a Loyalty counter on Jace
-999: Destroy Jace, then draw a card for each person you have hurt in your lifetime
3 Despair Abandon Black Mythic 3{1}{s}{b} Legendary Planeswalker – Despair-Abandon 3 +1: Discard a card
-5: Target player loses life equal to the number of permanents they control
-8: Exile target players library, graveyard and hand
4 Grezgl, Goblin Thief Red Mythic 4{2}{r}{r} Legendary Planeswalker – Grezgl 4 +2: Discard a card, if you do, draw a card
+2: Grezgl, Goblin Thief deals 2 damage to any target
-8: Gain control of up to three target permanents an opponent controls until end of turn, untap them, they gain Haste
5 Kamanento, Solitary Archer Green Mythic 4{2}{g}{g} Legendary Planeswalker – Kamanento 4 +2: Create two 1/1 green Elf Archer creature tokens with Reach named Kamanento's Irregular.
0: Until your next turn, Kamanento, Solitary Archer becomes a 4/4 green Elf Rogue Archer creature with Reach, it is still a planeswalker.
-8: You get an emblem with "Whenever a creature you control deals combat damage to another creature with flying, you may draw a card"
6 Maeon Zanvox Multicolour Mythic 5{3}{w}{u} Legendary Planeswalker – Maeon 5 +1: Up to two Advisor creatures you control gain Hexproof until end of turn
0: Untap each Advisor you control
-4: Draw a card for each Advisor you control
7 4Chandra Multicolour Mythic 4{2}{r}{b} Legendary Planeswalker – Chandra 4 +4: Create four Spam tokens
0: Alphas lose Menace and all Betas gain Menace (both until end of turn)
-4: Creatures gain Scarred 69 until end of turn. Double the number of Poison counters on players
8 Daphendor the Defensive Multicolour Mythic 4{2}{w}{g} Legendary Planeswalker – Daphendor 4 +2: You gain life equal to the toughness of up to one target creature you control
0: Creatures you control gain Vigilance until end of turn
-6: Prevent all damage that would be dealt to creatures you control this turn. If damage is prevented this way, Daphendor the Defensive deals that much damage to target player
9 1535231704 on 25 Aug 2018 by Link
9 9Gagideon Multicolour Mythic 9{7}{w}{b} Legendary Planeswalker – Gideon 9 +9: Create nine Spam tokens
0: Target creature destroys itself. You gain life equal to the number of times it was dealt combat damage ever
-9: Creatures get Scarred 420. Triple all poison counters on players (both until end of turn)
10 Exadamus, Beyond Perfect Multicolour None 3{b}{u}{r} Legendary Planeswalker – Exadamus 13 +3: You may cast a spell for free
0: Destroy any target
-3: You get an emblem with "Attacking creatures you control get +3/+0 and have Menace and Trample"
-7: Add mana in any combinations of colors equal to the number of cards in graveyards
3 1535560749 on 29 Aug 2018 by SecretInfiltrator
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