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The Pinery by HarrisonA

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A collection of assorted designs for anyone to contribute

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Enchantment – Aura
Enchant artifact
Enchanted artifact is a creature with base power and toughness 5/5 in addition to its other types.
Totem Armor
Enchantment creature – Dryad
Bestow {g}{w}{u}
Totem armor
Enchanted creature has +3/+3
When Umbra Dryad enters the battlefield create a white Aura enchantment token named Mask attached to target permanent. The token has enchant permanent and totem armor.
Put together a series of decks to be run through as a gauntlet, possibly archenemy style. Have bonus objectives/choices in and out of games that affect later decks the player faces. Essentially make a campaign for my friends with path progression. Game master it up!
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2018-07-16 17:41:55 by SecretInfiltrator
Creature – Minotaur Shaman
Snowdug Minotaur may block up to three creatures.
When Snowdug Minotaur blocks, you may draw a card for each creature Snowdug Minotaur blocks.
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2018-07-16 14:49:18 by HarrisonA
Creature – Shapeshifter Beast
Concept Archetype enters the battlefield as a copy of a creature of your choice. When Concept Archetype enters the battlefield it fights target creature an opponent controls.

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On Game Concept:
On Snowdug Minotaur:

Supposed to feel Temur more than GUR.

On Stepping Outside:

I don't get the flavor, but Crumbling Sanctuary has the same mechanical idea.

On Lively Lamppost:

Yeah, I don't think Steel Wall was pushing any boundaries

On Lively Lamppost:

This is a strictly better Steel Wall though I guess that hardly matters.

On Lively Lamppost:

I didn't intend a lamppost would survive, I just intended that the vehicle wouldn't.

On Lively Lamppost:

Right. The current template suggests that the damage is prevented

On Lively Lamppost:

Oh, I see Lamppost Kami made an impression.

HarrisonA doesn't seem to have quite decided whether they want a triggered ability (would use "Whenever" rather than "If" and no "would") or a replacement effect (should have an "instead" in the second part). With such a wording that is half-half it's hard to tell what's the intent: One would allow a big enough Vehicle to destroy the Lamppost, the other would not.

On Lively Lamppost:

Well, a big vehicle P>3 will destroy the lamppost too I think.

On Lively Lamppost:

Seems odd that the lamp post will survive the car crash; some vehicles are pretty big

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