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Clarification on vehicles (if this was discussed elsewhere, my bad): they're artifacts that act like creatures, but aren't really creatures. Are there any other special rules about them?

No, they are actually supposed to be creatures. I just screwed up and forgot to give them the creature type. Sorry.

No need to apologize. Making them something else would have a neat twist, though. Part creature and part equipment, maybe? Edit: I made Racecar, Biplane, and Mecha Warrior.

Doesn't white normally get more token making then green?

Yes it does. My bad.

February 2017 update (technically March now):

I've done a pass through the set trying to "modernize" some of the cards, removing protection, intimidate, and updating the convoke reminder text to the current version. I may have missed a few, but I'll get back to those later.

And let's be honest, the set mechanics are kind of garbage: gold has inherent issues associated with it, salvage is really just based on recurring cards over and over again, etc. The only one that seems fine is convoke, but I also didn't invent that one. I have a rework planned for salvage, and I'll also be spending some time cleaning up cards that were added for the sake of filling slots.

Regarding convoke reminder text... you don't seem to use the automatic reminder text feature of the site yet.

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