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The people of Perdonia worship the temples, and have many odd activities

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Creature – Cat Warrior
Vigilance, Reach
The warriors of the Jungle
last 2017-10-26 15:09:30 by Froggychum
Creature – Phoenix
Flying, Haste
Whenever Ritual Phoenix deals combat damage to a player, add {r}{r}. Spend this mana only to cast spells in exile.
last 2018-07-08 13:32:47 by Froggychum
As an additional cost to cast Perdonian Ritual, sacrifice a creature
Perdonian Ritual deals damage to any target equal to the power of the sacrificed creature
Odd things go on in Perdonia, and they aren't all innocent either.
last 2018-07-08 11:15:56 by Froggychum
Enchantment – Aura
Enchant creature
Whenever enchanted creature deals combat damage to a player, it's controller loses life equal to the damage dealt this way
last 2018-07-08 00:20:00 by Froggychum
Exile up to two target creatures with converted mana cost 3 or less
The Jungle tribes of Perdonia are very gracious until you overstay your welcome...
last 2018-07-06 11:51:15 by HarrisonA

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On Ritual Phoenix:

Oh i see, sorry for misunderstanding!

Well the body itself doesn't seem uber good, maybe the mana ramp (which we've all agreed for this purpose is fine i think) makes it good.. So then we're faced with it's efficient because of the text, which can easily be solved with getting it out on turn 4 or 5 rather than so early, where that mana could be gamebreaking potentially

On Ritual Phoenix:

My issue isn't the mana production, sorry; I meant this is a pretty cheap, aggressive flyer, which isn't very red

On Ritual Phoenix:
on 2018-07-08 12:58:02 by Vienka:

The 'ritual' is kinda a sorcery or instant though :)

I meant as it is is a colour bleed into red; but one I find is ok, as long as not done too often.

The on-death bit was, well, that's what phoenices are famous for, right? Regenerating in a fire rather than staying dead?

On Ritual Phoenix:

Agreed, I will definitely remember to keep mana ramp on creatures in green, or upon-death occasionally in red.

This being a 'ritual' phoenix, i'm wondering if there is anyway to blend it into a sort of ritual permanent? maybe this is that, just done with a bit of a bend.

On Ritual Phoenix:

Red does get rituals; but mana on a creature is much more of a green thing.

It would feel more pheonixy if you got the mana when it died, I think.

But I don't have any real objections to this, unusual certainly; but as long as its only one card every now and then, I don't have a problem with this amount of colour bend.

On Ritual Phoenix:

You may be right... However red doesn't mind burning whenever it gets a chance, and having freedom is a very red want both flavorfully and mechanically. I suppose the ramp is quite green, but not exclusively so. Red does like to fight in combat and i think it's fair to have some mana ramp tied to that. Green really hogs mana ramp, while red is also guilty of hogging burn.

On Ritual Phoenix:

It might not be overpowered, but I think it's a color pie bend for red

On Perdonian Ritual:

Also another reason to change it to power would be that in the upcoming set we have some high-toughness cyber creatures (not to mention those damn fatties hippose)

As for your question, i guess fling could be either, or both. I suppose it's quite a bit more black than red though... I think it seems like a bend for sure

On Ritual Phoenix:

yes. Like Radha

On Perdonian Ritual:

I think this could definitely be more black if toughness was changed to power

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