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The people of Perdonia worship the temples, and have many odd activities

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Creature – Merfolk
{2}{u}, {t}: Target player mills three cards. Put a +1/+1 counter on target Merfolk you control for each nonland card milled this way.
Creature – Phoenix
Flying, Haste
Whenever Ritual Phoenix deals combat damage to a player, add {r}{r}. This mana does not empty as steps and phases end.
last 2019-07-14 01:45:58 by Froggychum
Enchantment – Aura
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature has protection from creatures
last 2019-07-14 20:31:07 by Tahazzar
Market Square enters the battlefield tapped
{t}: Add {u}
{2}{u}, {t}, Sacrifice Market Square: Draw a card
Home to the bustling masses of Perdonia, all looking to sell their products
last 2019-07-14 10:49:13 by Vitenka
Untap all creatures you control. If one or more Merfolk are untapped this way, draw a card.
last 2019-07-14 01:48:54 by Froggychum

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On Enchanter's Blessing:
On Enchanter's Blessing:
On Enchanter's Blessing:

I doubt a static "protection from creatures" is an effect that's good to have at common.

On Market Square:

OK, so now it's an island that you can cycle-from-play. That's fine.

On Waves of Knowledge:

Yikes untap is nutty powrful.

On Feline Felicity:


This is incredibly parasitic omg

On Jungle Tribes Resolve:

I've been white do exile based on numbers, but I think it's usually about killing big bois... If anyone knows reference card(s) that i might be thinking of, then you know what i mean.

I'll change it for now, but again, perdonia is like 7 years away from completion especially with me working like not at all on anything lately... but I need to go chronological else I'll give myself a stroke.

On Ritual Phoenix:

The problem is that I can't reprint this with a functional difference, and since Lyrasia has already been fully finished, I don't want to go update all the files for one card.

I can still give this a new name and make it almost the exact same as the first card plus the fix, but that would be beyond stupid imo.

The mana production definitely leads to memory issues, and it's not clean at all, and I'd love to fix it. But I'd only see myself doing that if I also go and update the Lyrasia files because consistency matters.

Thanks for the comment on this card, it was actually one of the first cards I can remember making that I'm proud of to this day... I think both of you likely left comments on the original :)

So, in conclusion, you're definitely right, but logistically it would be annoying to fix... I suppose having the mindset that the cardset is ''done'' doesn't help, but either way it's a bit of work

I might get around to it, but I'm not going to edit it and then fuggetaboutit because then i've made a fix in exchange for making a dumb, totally illegal-in-all-sense-of-the-magic-rules mistake.

On Ritual Phoenix:

I mean, I commented with

Without the mana floating ability it will need to add that mana at start of the next main phase ala Conduit of Storms.

On Ritual Phoenix:

It has to float the mana. Otherwise it generates it right at the end of combat; when it's useless to you. After all, combat damage is already dealt, so no point springing combat surprises. And no ability to do anything else with it. This way, you can spend it in main2.

It should probably drain out at end of turn, though; rather than floating forever.

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