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The short description of the set reminds me of a set I'm working on, so you have my interest.

The keyword action "waste" probably could use a better explanation than the reminder text allows for somewhere. I take it you just turn the land into a copy of Waste?

The set now has a channel on the custommagic discord

big update of the commons today

red commons complete

Deleted all nonskeleton cards to allow for booster creation

That is one way to allow for booster creation. If there are cards you'd rather not delete, though, another way is to use the "Active" status, and then a) boosters will only draw from active cards, and b) the skeleton will have buttons saying "Activate all cards in skeleton" and "Deactivate all cards not in skeleton".

Nvm I found out how to allow for active/unactive.

First draft of all commons complete

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