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A second take on my top-down legendary set

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This set prioritizes enemy colour pairs over the allies. What this means is that the flavour and keyword mechanics given to each colour overlap with their enemies. This does not mean that only the enemy colour pairs have draftable archetypes. Pemberly is set on the eponymous plane, a world of aristocracy. Each enemy pair faction is a noble house that resides on the plane of Pemberly, and each values a different aspect of nobility.

Trellica (WB) - the Trellican people value the Prosperity of the nobility, reveling in lavish parties they throw for their friends and allies. Nearly anything you might desire can be acquired in Trellica, for the right price. The ability word of this faction is Affluence, granting additional benefits if you have more life than your opponent.

Dyneia (UR) - the Dyneian people are artists; sculptors, painters, and musicians. They love the beauty that arises when one has the luxury of free time in which to practice. Some in Dyneia love contemplating aesthetics, while others bask in the viscerally emotional experiences of truly magnificent art. Some Dyneian artists sculpt illusions of exquisite lifelikeness, while others weave such strong emotional magic into their art that it comes to life. The Dyneian ability word is Artistry, which rewards you for drawing and discarding cards.

Grambyre (BG) - the Grambyre people are a ruthless bunch. They love the authority that comes with a high rank. The Grambyre have a strict hierarchy, a natural system that determines who holds power. Most nobles of the Grambyre lust after this power, and if given the opportunity, would kill to inherit it. The Grambyre have an ability word, Privilege, which grants additional abilities to creatures that have the lowest CMC among nontoken creatures you control. Many Grambyre cards act as sacrifice outlets.

Gallasthene (RW) - the Gallasthene people are an enthusiastic group who enjoy pomp and circumstance. They take every opportunity to show off their majesty in magnificent displays. They love parades and fireworks, or anything that makes them feel like a part of something big. The nobility of the Gallasthene magically inspire commoners within sight. This faction has the ability word Glory, which provides additional benefits if one of your creatures engaged in combat this turn.

Sylnora (GU) - the Sylnoran people live, for the most part, in quiet dignity. They believe in conducting themselves in a civilized manner according to court etiquette. The Sylnoran have the keyword Dignity, which benefits untapping your creatures.

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Return target creature to its owner’s hand.
Dignity – If you control more untapped than tapped creatures, you may put that creature on top of its owner’s library instead.
Choose one -
- Counter target noncreature spell.
- Tap Target creature. It doesn’t untap during its controller’s next untap step.
Legendary Creature – Human Shaman
First Strike, Prowess
{1}{r}, Discard Zeffa, Dyneian Maestro: Draw a card unless an opponent has Zeffa deal 2 damage to that player.
{1}{r}, Discard a card: Return Zeffa from your graveyard to your hand.
Untap target creature.
Scry 2
Creature – Vampire Cleric
When Vampiric Extortionist enters the battlefield you may pay 2 life. If you do, put a +1/+1 counter on it.
Whenever you pay life, each opponent loses 1 life.

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On Clockwork Butler:

Is this a good rare?

On Farrah, Duchess of Gallasthene:

I’m aware I’ve increased the power, but the aesthetics seemed to be causing the most problems. I’ll probably bump this back up to six mana, though.

If the power level ends up seeming way too high, I could always put her on top of the library, instead. Or shuffle her in if that, even, is too good.

On Farrah, Duchess of Gallasthene:

The pseudo-dash actually makes this more powerful, in some ways. If you're willing to pay the mana, you get two removal spells every turn.

On Farrah, Duchess of Gallasthene:

I think the great weakness of this design is that the trigger conditions actually don't really mesh well with getting two triggers and the effects only partly support it.

How cool would a variant of this be with a condition that is more easily triggered multiple times a turn (cast a spell) and more modes?

I think, a neat aspect would be to have to remove vigilance and add a "untap creatures you control" mode - maybe reducing the pump in the process? I'm thinking of an outright Seize the Day as an option as well - which would both allow this to get an additional attack or make it a great support for some big dumb flier to get a second swing in.

There is potential in here in the multiple once-per-turn modes, but the card doesn't really make the best use of that potential.

On Pristine Estates:

This one is especially neat untapping another one of the cycle. Actually I almost feel the set should have a color-neutral Deserted Temple "lord" rather than this, but the effect definitely fits green-blue and is both potent but niche enough to fit the cycle.

On Beautiful Estates:

This seems good. It definitely doesn't need an upgrade - especially if it plays into an archetype.

Durdling/rummaging is something that nicely benefits from the instant speed without being overwhelmingly pushed.

On Foreboding Estates:

Or the triggered ability of Strength from the Fallen?

On Glorious Estates:

An appropriate effect for red-white. The double-slowness of the effect makes this awkward though since usually red-white wants to be aggressive and would be thankful for this kind of effect as a mana-sink to get just one more attacker quickly from hellbent/top-deck mode.

It feels other token producing color combinations (white-black?) would be more at ease with the slow pace of this cycle, while red-white might not mind something giving your existing creatures an edge, but I'd have to dip deeper into the set to see what each color actually cares about to be certain.

On Foreboding Estates:

Maybe like a Disentomb then?

On Foreboding Estates:

This breaks the color pie quite neatly. You wouldn't see this kind of edict effect on a monogreen card. Nothing about it. The other members of the cycle are either fine on the pie or in pie bending territory, but this one doesn't even straddle the line.

This is so far off the mark that this isn't even a {b/g} vs. {b}{g} issue. On any black-green card - even gold - I'd wonder why there is green in the cost of Innocent Blood.

Graveyard interactions seem more in the ballpark for this. Deathtouch I'd be wary of as well, but less so than an outright edict.

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