Sectors of Aethernet

Sectors of Aethernet by amuseum

117 cards in Multiverse

74 commons, 28 uncommons, 12 rares, 3 mythics

7 white, 9 blue, 7 black, 7 red, 5 green,
31 multicolour, 11 hybrid, 14 split, 9 artifact, 17 land

39 comments total

4-color Factions Vie for Control of the Aethernet

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"Sectors of Aethernet"

4-color set with groups of mini-pairs


- white : Simic/Rakdos : Manifest : "Pirtup" decentralist  
- blue : Orzhov/Gruul : Split Second : "Quzix" extremists  
- black : Izzet/Selesnya : Overload : "Kahua" socialist  
- red : Golgari/Azorius : Sustain : "Nattao" environmentalists  
- green : Boros/Dimir : Assemble (artifice) : "Nyot" techies  


- split cards : allled/enemy (e.g. Simic/Rakdos)  
- hybrid advanced. 


Locale : Cyber punk. Internet=Aethernet. Sectors controlled by different ideology. Techspeak. Social media. Virtual reality. Political strife..  
Masterpieces: "Aethernet Cardwares" : return old multicolor cards, including split cards and hybrids. Special frames, e.g. microchipped credit card (Netrunner?)

Card Distribution:

Sheet: 12x10 = 120 cards
Total: 268+20 cards
Common: 100+10 ( 1 : 10 ) (+20 basic lands ( 1 : 5) ) 
Uncommon: 80+5 ( 3 : 80) 
Rare: 52+5 ( 1 : 60 )
Mythic: 16 ( 1 : 120 )
Masterpieces: 36

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The set creator would like to draw your attention to these comments:

On Kahua 4c Common (reply):

There will be dedicated slot in each pack for mana fixing cycles.

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Creature – Hacker
When Hybrid UB Common enters, discard up to one artifact card. If you do, draw two cards.
Creature – Cleric
When Hybrid WB Common enters, return up to one target creature card with converted mana cost 2 or less to the field.
Mortar deals 2 damage to each creature target player controls. If this was fused, that player discards two cards.
Each player mills 5. If this was fused, return up to one card in your graveyard to your hand.
Creature – Human Engineer
When Nyot U Common enters, return up to one target artifact or creature to its owner's hand.
Creature – Human Engineer
When Nyot B Common enters, return up to one target artifact or creature card from your graveyard to your hand.

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On Fast Rebel:

So it's "Sonic the hedgehog" design? In that case, it's missing flash and double strike xD
Super haste perhaps as well (Rocket-Powered Turbo Slug).

On Fast Rebel:

It's like, really fast.

On Fast Rebel:

Pure trinket text here, but thematically linking to other bigger rebels with ETB effects where it's useful?

On Fast Rebel:

Not really the way I would go about making a spell uncounterable, but I guess it's at least something.

On Fast Rebel:

Well, it's uncounterable. But it doesn't seem like that's likely to matter.

On Fast Rebel:

What purpose does this creature having split second serve? When would the ability be useful here?

On Gruul Flasher:
On Nattao 4c Common:

Would be red-flagged for being too wordy and for generating card advantage.

The card doesn't feel that {w}, but I guess that's what the vigilance is there for... Feels rather disjointed.

On Desiccation:

Is there a good reason to put cheap land destruction in set that's supposed to reward four colour play? Since it massively hoses the set's the major theme by letting players manascrew there opponents which is even more devastating and unfunny that it would be in a regular set.

On Kahua 4c Common:

Should vanguard have an "if able"? How is it supposed to interact with e. g. Jump?

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