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We can now add formatting in comments - and add comments to a cardset as a whole.

Hi Alex i wasnt sure where to write but i have some problems with comments being highlited in my set. I know Link have written on some cards like Thunderfoot Demon in the Haith set, but it still says 0 comments, so when i want to go through my cards for critic i have to check the all to be sure :D and also, is there an inbox? AND second of all, is there a suggestion place somewhere?

Do we have an IRC?

The comments on a cardset are comments on the cardset as a whole. To see the recent comments on any cards in a set, you want the recent activity link.

There's no IRC; but there's a webchat.


Suggestions go to the feedback link at the bottom of every page.

Post your comments on Testing here!
If your comments are on a small number of specific cards, they may be better added to those cards. This is for comments on the set as a whole.

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