Shifting Sands: The Sands of Time

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Shifting Sands is set upon a desert world where there is very little standing water (at least on the surface). Most civilization is centered on and around the sea of tears a vast lake/small sea with a very high salt content.

Jahar ({w}) The holy kingdom of Jahar controls the most fertile lands in the region and defends its borders with holy zeal. The Jahari fervently believe that they are the chosen guardians of the Sea of Tears and actively seek to control the use of its waters and the fragile ecosystem that depends on it. Whilst Jahar's King has the best of intentions, Jahar is seen as somewhat of a despotic state for their strict laws and zealous control of water.

Sand Sorcerers ({u}) Secure in their desert fastness, the Sand Sorcerers study the magics of Sand and Sun, seeking to uncover the secrets of their world. Their fortress is built above a large underground reservoir of fresh water, a secret the guard very closely. The sandsharks that infest large regions of desert were the result of experiments by the Sand Sorcerers long ago to adapt sea creatures to survive on land as the waters of their world slowly dried up

Azmæt ({b}{r}) The fallen kingdom, the cursed lands, the realm of the dead, these are just some of the titles given to the lands that formerly made up the kingdom of Azmæt. Long ago Azmæt was a thriving nation centered on the only freshwater spring, lake and river-head on the plane. When they dammed the river (which passed through Jahar before feeding into the Sea of Tears)their incensed neighbours banded together to force the Azmæti to dismantle the dam. A long, bitter war ensued and, when Azmæt found itself on the brink of defeat, its Viziers enacted a great curse; if they could not control their sacred spring, vowing that even death itself would not stop them, then none would. Today, Azmæt is a kingdom of death and dust, the now undead citizens of the nation continue as they did in life carrying out a mockery of everyday life whilst its undead legions guard the nation and menace the surrounding lands. Two "princes" Ankhetop, Prince of Azmæt and Akhenaten, the Sun King vie for control of the dead land in a bitter, unending civil war which is all that keeps their undead hordes from overrunning the lands of the living.

The Sandrunner Tribes ({r}) The Sandrunner tribes are a loose alliance of Viashino clans that survive in the sandy deserts that surround the fertile lands of the Sea of Tears basin. Living in cool warrens beneath the burning sands of their homeland, they are a constant menace to the caravans that travel from oasis to oasis, a vital trade-link between the kingdoms of the region.

Dervish Tribes ({g}) Small tribes of nomadic Dervishes also wander from oasis to oasis, the descendants of those set to guard the borders of Azmæt to keep its undead citizens from expanding beyond that dead realm's borders. They assist the Treefolk guardians of the oases and actively hunt down those who abuse the sanctuary of the oases.

The Deathwatch ({g}{w}) An order of holy paladins dedicated to eliminating the threat of the undead of Azmæt. Led by the Arch-Paladin Sharku, they have mastered the magics of life to combat the forces of death.

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