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Many people gain magical powers...

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Legendary Artifact
Spellbook 5 – {2}{w}{u}{b}{r}{g} (Tome of Lost Arts enters the battlefield with 5 spell counters. Remove a spell counter from Tome of Lost Arts: The next sorcery you cast costs {2}{w}{u}{b}{r}{g} less.)
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2016-08-16 21:11:36 by Visitor
Creature – Human Wizard
{t} : Tap target creature with power less than 3.
Creature – Elf Wizard
Spellbook 1 – {2} (Spellslinger enters the battlefield with 1 spell counters. Remove a spell counter from Spellslinger: The next sorcery you cast costs {2} less.)
Cards you play don't have Preparation until end of turn.
Preparation 1
Target creature gains power equal to its toughness.
Preparation 1 (When you cast this spell from your hand, exile it with 1 time counters on it. Remove a time counter during every upkeep. When there are no time counters on this spell, cast it.)
Target player reveals his hand.

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On Tome of Lost Arts:
on 2016-08-16 21:11:36 by Visitor:

This seems too strong in multicolor decks.

On Pesky Bird:

Like Squadron Hawk.

On Kalazir:

Is there a reason you're using Mage as a creature type rather than Wizard?

On Novice Mage:

I'm unsure. Possibly. I do know that it's in the wrong color, though. This should be black.

On Novice Mage:

Is this too OP?

On Murky Waters:

What does Summoned mean?

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