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CardName: Mind Destruction Cost: rb Type: Sorcery Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Target player discard X cards and loses X life, where X is 1 plus the number of Mind Destruction in all graveyards. Flavour Text: It’s already a nightmare to fear it. Set/Rarity: Phedarax Uncommon

Mind Destruction
Target player discard X cards and loses X life, where X is 1 plus the number of Mind Destruction in all graveyards.
It’s already a nightmare to fear it.
Updated on 2 Aug 2020 by darkocean95

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2020-07-28 16:35:58: darkocean95 created the card Mind Destruction

"number of cards named Mind Destruction"

For several reasons modern design has moved towards caring about your own deck in those situations to the exclusion of caring about the opponent's graveyard.

I suggest "your graveyard" over "all graveyards".

Makes it a bit less fiddly to actually do. Probably want to bump the power up a bit to compensate though. X+2 maybe? 2X is probably a bit much.

I think I will make give X+2. When you think about hymn to tourach, it's not too much I think.

­Hymn to Tourach is more powerful than they print nowdays - but that's mainly because of the 'at random' part.

Consider if you draw multiples of this in your opening hand, and how many cards opponents would discard if you cast all of them in the first few turns.

Yeah, basing discard on Hymn to Tourach is like basing card draw on Ancestral Recall. Obviously, it's not that extreme... but I wouldn't base the power level of my discard on the best discard spell of all time, which was printed in 1994.

To be honest, I saw Mind Destruction where it was right now and thought "Huh. That's good and fair. I'd like to play with that." But I will admit, it's not a power uncommon. Looking at Gatherer, I'm kind of surprised that Mind Burst picked up 3.370 stars. I would have presumed it was under the 3 star threshold.

You know, my first thought was that Mind Burst wasn't good enough. But maybe it just wasn't as good as Cabal Therapy. Any discard card would come up short when compared to that card.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you want this card to be stronger, I would suggest something very minor to push it forward, because I already consider it playable. Gain X life doesn't seem appropriate. How about exiling the cards instead? If you instead want splashy, then maybe a rider to the effect of "If X is equal to four, then..."

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