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The card set should include rule info, including about what "commit heresy" means. Maybe it is a keyword action that does nothing but succeeds (unless something prevents or replaces it, I suppose).

Heresy is not feature on your mechanics page.

I did take zzo38's advice and create a page for Heresy. I do not include mechanics on the mechanic page if I cannot make marker for them to reference during card creation (which is why Persecute does not appear there [Influence could have been included, but I didn't want to make a separate input for each color addition with influence).

> Sorrow wrote 'The "worth" of a single "commit heresy" is based on each creature's boon for committing heresy.'

But there needs to be a ballpark, right? If you had an instant/sorcery that just said "Commit heresy. Draw a card.", what would you feel is the appropriate cost?

The issue with heresy is similar to energy: The strongest combination of available sources and sinks defines the actual strength of the archetype.

In addition since a single heresy source feeds all sinks the density of available sinks becomes an issue, too. Right now heresy is haphazardly strewn across colors, but I'm not certain what kind of color archetypes this set supports; five-color and wedges?

Just drawing a card? Eh, Corrupt Councilor drew a card whenever you committed heresy. That was {4}{u}, but the activated ability of Corrupt Councilor is useful by itself, and costs {1}{u},{t} to activate.

In terms of strongest combination, that would likely be Ruthless Instructor and Tormentor of Souls, as they are in Hornkaras, Immaculate's wedge and the former can lower your life enough to autokill with the latter. The next strongest card from an instant-speed activation is Cannibal of the Cult with either Wazykt Missionary in gw, hopefully going for Wazykt, Eternal's gbw or gu (I'd expect to see this as part of bgu but I couldn't stop it from being gur) with Data-Deprived WoƂchw.

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