Pantheon of Szykielwa

Pantheon of Szykielwa by Sorrow

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Apostasy is afoot on a plane ruled by the gods and governed by their cults.

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On Holy Seclusion (reply):

Unsure if I need to include wording so that this card will reattach itself to something when it returns from exile.

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Creature – Gorgon Assassin
When Scornful Heretic dies, you may destroy target creature with a power of 2 or less.
Not all heretics are as articulate in words and actions as Bonifacy.
last 2021-02-14 15:36:08 by Sorrow
Artifact – Equipment
Multicolor spells you cast that target the equipped creature cost {1} less.
Equipped creature gets +1/+0 and has flying.
Equip {2}.
Prayer (As you cast this spell you may tap a creature of a different color. If you do, this spell gains that creature's colors.)
Copy target instant or sorcery spell. You may choose new targets for the copy.
If Storm Path is blue, counter target spell. If Storm Path is green, destroy up to one target creature with flying.
last 2021-05-02 03:50:09 by jmgariepy
Creature – Human Knight
{r}{b},{t}, Sacrfice Endcaller Fervant: Deal X damage to any target, where X is the number of colors of all permanents you control.
To nothing we return
last 2021-04-27 15:30:25 by Sorrow
Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature, then double the amount of counters on that creature.
The blooming of life moves faster than the fall of death.

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On Storm Path:

I think it's reasonable to assume that if you're playing this card, the optimal choice is to play U/R/G with blue/green multicolored cards. And if you're playing mostly blue/green multicolored creatures, then the chance that the only creature on the battlefield is a blue/green multicolored flying creature is reasonably high.

On Storm Path:

Yeah, since there's only one copy of this spell itself, you don't need to worry about having to target your own flier. Just don't tap your green creature. Unless it's Emmara, Soul of the Accord, I guess? But then, the blue line doesn't have "up to one" which prevents you from using this to Fork your own spells and tap your Fallowsage into the bargain. Eh, it's all edge cases.

On Storm Path:

Oh, wait. Prayer doesn't make a copy of the spell, it just changes the color? Well that addresses the power level issues of this card that I didn't think were appropriate to bring up. 😅

On Endcaller Fervant:

If you hit a creature, yes; but, Planeswalkers and players are also possible targets. I added in deathtouch last minute to make the card feel more black.

On Endcaller Fervant:

This has deathtouch? So the sunburst damage is trinket-text?

On Ale's Sermon:

An instant, I assume?

Interesting combo of Kismet + Hexproof for a turn.

On Storm Path:

"The red copy"? There's only one copy of storm path. It's blue, and copies and counters.

On Storm Path:

Note: If you're the only player with a flying creature, and you make a green copy of this spell, you will destroy your own flying creature. I recommend using 'up to one target flying creature'.

Note two: The timing on this is off. If I cast this and make a blue copy, the original spell will target and go on the stack, then the blue copy will target and go on the stack. The blue copy goes off, and I make a copy of my opponent's spell, and counter their spell. Then the red copy goes off. The original spell that the red copy was copying is no longer there (it's been countered), so the red copy fizzles.

On Storm Path:

It does feel a bit random, mechanically. "Here's two things to do with a target spell. And here's a third option, to shoot down a flier. Totes the same card."

On Storm Path:

I think the flying hate came from the name.

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