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CardName: Malandian Cohort Cost: 1R Type: Creature - Dwarf Soldier Pow/Tgh: 2/2 Rules Text: First strike Malandian Cohort can't attack or block alone. Flavour Text: There are few better things to have in battle than a dwarf by your side. Set/Rarity: Arcunda Common

Malandian Cohort
Creature – Dwarf Soldier
First strike
Malandian Cohort can't attack or block alone.
There are few better things to have in battle than a dwarf by your side.
Updated on 18 Feb 2016 by Chris

Code: CR04

History: [-]

2011-02-22 17:29:24: Chris created the card Malandian Cohort

Nice combat trick. Flash is very rare in red, though, apart from in Time Spiral block - to the point where I might even say this is out of pie. But this is obviously pretty similar to Viashino Bladescout, so I won't kick up too much of a fuss.

Oh, yes, it is out of pie isn't it? Bother. I hadn't noticed that Bladescout was TSP. Hmm. Might leave it as is.

2011-03-04 16:08:37: Chris edited Malandian Cohort:

Remove flash, dwarfify.

Flash made even less sense on a dwarf, so removed. Instead went with an upgraded Jackal Familiar.

However, this is now my third {1}{r} creature; and CR01 Malandian Emissary is part of a cycle, while CR03 Sparkrunner probably shouldn't change size as one of only two 1-power red critters.

2011-03-08 17:23:20: Chris edited Malandian Cohort:

I'd already named the region.

The Haste on Sparkrunner seems unneccesary, you could drop that and make it cost {r} which would solve this issue.

That's true, although it does have two strikes against it.

  1. It's a bit odd for Red to not have a small Hasty creature.
  2. I rather like a Haste saboteur for the surprise factor.

One solution that occurs is to put Haste back on CR01 Malandian Emissary, and move Intimidate to Sparkrunner. Giving a saboteur evasion feels like it should be worth an additional mana, so I could then up his cost to {2}{r} (if that proves too weak, I could possibly make him remove two counters.)

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