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CardName: Engulfing Sludge Cost: 1BB Type: Instant Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Target creature gets -2/-2 until end of turn. Draw a card. Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Arcunda Common

Engulfing Sludge
Target creature gets -2/-2 until end of turn.
Draw a card.
Updated on 18 Feb 2016 by Chris

Code: CB15

History: [-]

2011-02-14 13:38:37: Chris created the card Engulfing Sludge
2011-02-14 13:38:51: Chris edited Engulfing Sludge

The thought occurs that this is a bad idea for a scrycling card, in the same way that Swat was. This is an effect that will pretty much always be useful. Augury/scrycling is probably best saved for a more situational card.

2014-01-23 13:46:57: Chris edited Engulfing Sludge:


You're right. Made it a cantrip instead, moving Augury to Gorge on Scintillae(Gorge on Scintillae).

Astonishingly, this has never been printed.

That's, uh, because this card is absurdly efficient.

(I do mean actually absurd, as in probably unprintable.)

ya should bump to 3 CMC.

/me finds Afflict.

Yees, fair enough. I think I was costing cantrip at {1}, which is - you are correct - absurd. Afflict seems overpriced though (and the community on gatherer appears to agree); would you buy this at maybe {1}{b}{b}?

Hmm. Consider that common removal used to look like Grasp of Darkness, but now looks like Lash of the Whip or Annihilating Fire, I have to say I'd be surprised to see it at 2B. 1BB would be a lot better for Limited, although still a great card for black (though that's fine, every colour needs some great commons). I wouldn't bat an eyelid seeing it for 4 mana though.

True, although bear in mind that MaRo has stated that Theros is lower removal than normal, to allow the Auras to play better.

The main problem I'd have with 4 mana is that Blood Feast is also {3}{b}. So I will probably just go for the rather-good {1}{b}{b}.

2014-01-24 12:59:25: Chris edited Engulfing Sludge:


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