Murganda II

Murganda II by HijackAttack

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A second attempt at a Murganda-themed set.

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Creature – Leviathan
Spend only mana produced by basic lands to cast Breaching Leviathan.
"These waters remain untouched by those who seek to corrupt it, pure of vile influences. It is here that true power can be found."
- Siblia, Wave-Clan Warmaster
1 comment
2015-04-15 15:47:21 by Phosphorus
Put three 1/1 red Ooze tokens with devour 1 onto the battlefield.
Newly born Oozes fly into a ravenous hunger, devouring every living being in their path.
1 comment
2015-03-11 12:07:22 by Link
Creature – Spirit
When Solemn Wanderer enters the battlefield, put a +1/+1 counter on target creature.
Revive {7}{w} ({7}{w}, remove X +1/+1 counters from among creatures you control, where X is this card's CMC: Return that card from your graveyard to the battlefield.)
Creature – Human Assassin
When Mire Cutthroat enters the battlefield, target player discards a card.
Lurk {1}{b} (At any time you could cast a sorcery, you may exile this card face-down lurking under a land you control. Only one card can lurk under a land at a time. You may turn this card face-up and put it onto the battlefield at any time by sacrificing the land its lurking under and paying its lurk cost.)
last 2015-03-02 11:54:52 by Alex
Creature – Spirit
Sentinels of the Gate enters the battlefield with two +1/+1 counters on it.
Hyilitht'at is not the only defender of her gate.

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On Breaching Leviathan:

­Breaching Leviathan's a card now, so you may want to change the name.

On Ooze Birthing:

This seems generally better than Hordeling Outburst, which I think is plenty strong enough for Standard.

On Water Boa:

"You may exile this card" - from your hand?

So it's basically pseudo-flash with alternate cost of {1} less but sacrificing a land. Pseudo-flash because the opponent can see something is coming.

I'd be rather wary of a mechanic that encourages players to sacrifice their lands. If I'm stuck on 3 mana and can't cast this normally, this mechanic encourages me to screw myself down to two lands. That's not a recipe for winning the game. Cards that make players screw themselves aren't a good idea; Wizards discovered this when playtesting a version of landfall that rewarded you for skipping land drops.

On Mire Cutthroat:

This seems fine, as a tweak on Mesmeric Fiend/Tidehollow Sculler.

On Throatseeker Raptor:

Yeah, the idea here was that you could either pay the full 6 and get a hasty guy, or play it after combat for cheaper, but without the ability to attack with it that turn.

On Throatseeker Raptor:

Reminds me of Altac Bloodseeker in that regard. The bonus is relevant before combat, but you need combat to turn it on. Yay burn spells!

On Throatseeker Raptor:

Wasn't that a mechanic once already? It feels like it should have been. Hmm, bloodthirst, bloodrush... nope; seems that bloodcall is safe. Nice.

Slightly less nice to have it on a haste creature though - since combat is the most likely time for it to become enabled, and it's then too late to be useful that turn.

Still, red gets plenty of direct damage too; not every card wants to be trivial to use.

Could the bloodcall half be even cheaper? It's not a huge discout.

On Musomok, the Treacherous:

Well you certainly can't have any flavour text with that much rules text.

The templating actually looks fine except for the very final clause. "Return" doesn't work in this case, so I'd say "that creature's owner gains control of it".

On Musomok, the Treacherous:

Not sure about the wording on this one.

On Quarg, Smoke-Clan Warmaster:

Certainly strong, but probably reasonable. If it does turn out too strong I'd be inclined to cut the "at random".

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