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Mechanics | Skeleton
This booster was generated with modern collation since the cardset contains mythics: 1 rare / mythic, 3 uncommons, 10 commons, 1 basic land.
You could alternatively have 15 random cards regardless of rarity.
Legendary Creature – Hyena Cleric
At the beginning of your upkeep tap target creature and put a -1/-1 counter on it.

{w}{w}{b}{b}: Each player sacrifices each creature they control that has a -1/-1 counter on it.
Creature – Hyena Wizard
Cursed (You may have this creature enter the battlefield with a -1/-1 counter on it.)
As long as Giant-Biter Yerba has a -1/-1 counter on it "{t}: tap target creature with a power of 3 or greater."
Enchantment – Aura
Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 for each creature in your graveyard.
Creature – Spirit

Whenever a creature you control gains a -1/-1 counter Affliction Spirit gains +1/+1 until end of turn.
Creature – Elf Scout
When Asogbo Tracker enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a basic land card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.
Asogbo Tracker can't block.
Creature – Crocodile
Hunted Crocodile can only be blocked by two or more creatures.
When Hunted Crocodile becomes the target of a spell or ability, sacrifice it.
Destroy target artifact. If a creature was exiled with that artifact Shatter the Amulet deals 2 damage to its controller.
Fetish (Whenever a nontoken creature dies, if this card has no fetish, you may exile that card. )
Chattering Skullstaff enters the battlefield with 3 charge counters on it.
Remove a charge counter from Chattering Skullstaff, {t}: Put a 1/1 colorless artifact skull token onto the battlefield.
If Chattering Skullstaff has a fetish Chattering Skullstaff gains "at the beginning of your upkeep put a charge counter on Chattering Skullstaff."
Glimmering Cataracts enters the battlefield tapped.
When Glimmering Cataracts enters the battlefield you may shuffle a card from your graveyard into your library.

{t}: Add {u} or {r} to your mana pool.
Creature – Bird
Flying, Wither
Bird on beast, what a feast.
Bird on my back, I attack.
Creature – Cat Warrior
Cursed (You may have this creature enter the battlefield with a -1/-1 counter on it.)
As long as Medur Claw-Master is cursed Medur Claw-Master can't be blocked by creatures with enchantments or equipments attached to them.
Creature – Elemental
When Steam Bruiser enters the battlefield Steam Bruiser deals 2 damage to you.
No, hippos or crocodiles? It's probably a notspring.
Creature – Boar
Haste, wither
Those teeth could kill a Tusk. Oink-Oink all you want, but I'm not going into that den.
Creatures with flying you don't control get -2/-2 until end of turn.
The bird may eat the mosquito, but it's the insect who is the harbinger of winged death.
Basic Land – Island

Yewande Midnight-Cackle (rare)
Giant-Biter Yerba (uncommon)
Ancestor's Kiss (uncommon)
Affliction Spirit (uncommon)
Asogbo Tracker (common)
Hunted Crocodile (common)
Shatter the Amulet (common)
Chattering Skullstaff (common)
Glimmering Cataracts (common)
Pruning Plover (common)
Medur Claw-Master (common)
Steam Bruiser (common)
Clay-Breaker Warthog (common)
Avian Flu (common)
Island (basic)