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BOO Draft #1 by keflexxx

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Grab-bag of card ideas for an upcoming draft.

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Bloom {2} (When this land enters the battlefield, you may pay {2}. If you do, reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a land card. Put that card onto the battlefield tapped and the rest on the bottom of your library.)
{t}: Add {1} to your mana pool.
last 2014-08-28 03:40:59 by morlor
Creature – Skeleton
When Design Skeleton enters the battlefield, choose a BOO designer.
{1}{b}: Return Design Skeleton from the graveyard to the battlefield tapped. Use this ability only if you control a creature designed by the chosen designer.
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2014-08-12 02:51:58 by keflexxx
Choose a BOO designer. Target player sacrifices a creature. If the creature was designed by the chosen designer, that player sacrifices an additional creature.
Colour indicator R Sorcery
Suspend 1 – {r}
Exile the top 3 cards of your library. You may play them this turn.
Creature – Human Wizard
When Oliver, Yethonga Historian enters the battlefield, choose a BOO designer.
At the beginning of your upkeep, reveal the top card of your library. If it was designed by the chosen designer, put it into your hand.

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On Spreading Sands:
on 2014-08-28 03:40:59 by morlor:

either this or the land it cascades into should enter tapped

On Return to the Fray:

sorry for being slow to reply

yeah this card is ridiculous, but that's more or less the name of the game

On Spreading Sands:

This is like cascade for lands. It's very powerful. I would suggest that this either cost more, or only "search" of you sacrifice it

On Spreading Sands:

Man, that is one heckofan ability, and does a fine job disproving the rule "Any {2} mana rock could be a non-basic land, if you just removed the casting cost." Even in a deck with heavy color requirements, I'd probably include this land. I'd just count it as a {2} cost sorcery.

You do realize this can pay for it's own ability? And even if the activation cost {3}, it's at least equivalent as a 'spell' to Cultivate... and that doesn't even count the fact that you can just play it on round 1...

On Spreading Sands:
On Design Skeleton:

probably one of the better puns i'm going to put on a card

On Ross, Kushgrove Necrosurgeon:

Oh, I wasn't commenting on the power level; just on the wonderful flavour of what it does :)

On Ross, Kushgrove Necrosurgeon:

That does look neat, indeed. Very nifty and a good power level.

On Covetous Goblin:

Hmm, I can shorten while changing the functionality slightly.

When ~ ETBs, exile your hand. When ~ deals damage to a player, choose an exiled card and flip a coin. If you win the flip, play that card without paying its cost; otherwise put it into your graveyard.

Might be too much of a functionality change, though.

On Counterblast:

another BOO designer has a lot of cards using counters in their packs, might as well make a card that leverages that

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