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Fantasy photomanipulation turtle island 1440x900 hd wallpaper 343984
Legendary Land Creature – Island Turtle
Kartoom, the Sleeping Island enters the battlefield tapped and doesn't untap during your untap step.
{t}: Add {r}{u}{g} to your mana pool.
{r}{r}{r}{u}{u}{u}{g}{g}{g}: Put Kartoom from the command zone onto the battlefield, if you do, Kartoom enters the battlefield untapped.
last 2016-02-09 20:40:48 by wlframe
Land Creature – Mountain Golem
Volcanic Golem enters the battlefield tapped.
Lieutenant -
Work in progress
last 2016-02-10 13:39:40 by Jack V
Split second
Target spell gains split second until end of turn.
Creature – Angel Soldier
Flying, prowess
Lieutenant - As long as you control your commander, Battlemage Seraph has vigilance and haste.
Legendary Creature – Angel Knight
At the beginning of each declare attackers step, each player in turn order may declare attackers.
At the beginning of each declare blockers step, each player in turn order may declare blockers.

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On Volcanic Golem:

It also prevents people being confused about whether summoning sickness applies or not.

On Volcanic Golem:

You couldn't use it for mana if it came into play untapped because of the summoning sickness... so it really isn't a limitation (barring something like Fervor being on the field.)

You probably don't plan to block with Diregraf Ghoul, either. But that doesn't mean that it never happens. I presume wlframe has another drawback coming, though, and there's a reason for his 'work in progress' note.

On Volcanic Golem:

Well, you also can't use it for mana; which is a limitation.

On Volcanic Golem:

It comes with summoning sickness anyway, so this text really just says it can't block on the first turn, which probably isn't something you'd plan to waste a land creature on.

On Kartoom, the Sleeping Island:

Yeah I realized how insane it was so I added the tapped/doesn't untap clause so you have to work for it.

On Kartoom, the Sleeping Island:

To my knowledge, that is not the cast. Either way, this is a bonkers card in the 99.

On Kartoom, the Sleeping Island:

My best understanding is that lands can't be played from the command zone, because cards in the command zone have to be "cast"

On Kartoom, the Sleeping Island:

But you can just play it for free... Why activate the ability?

On Absurdity:

Hee. I love the idea of an Aura with bestow and a "When you control no other permanents" transform trigger.

However this is utterly broken on turn 1, because it instantly transforms into a free Isochron Scepter-Orim's Chant lock.

It's also pretty broken to bestow, because giving enchanted creature +300/+300 is a bit excessive.

On Colorless:

­Broodstar without flying? But costing 2 more? Meh?

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