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I want to go back to Magic design, but more on the advanced stuff (skeletons, shaping up Limited, playtesting notes), and less on the individual design. So I decided to go with a Core Set, very traditional, using the new size (80 uncommons) and many things done the "usual" way Wizards does things. With my own twist, of course.

The returning mechanic will be evoke and will be featured in red {r} and blue {u} primarily and green {g} secondarily.

The planeswalker featured will be none of the Lorwyn five. This is because I think the Core Set needs a fresh start, and it needs to be a way to introduce the present characters. To try not to be too alien to the core sets, though, I brought back Gideon ({w}) and Sorin ({b}), which have already appeared in one. The others are Tamiyo ({u}), Sarkhan ({r}) and Nissa ({g}). All five will get a new card. I'm planning to have one common and one uncommon signature spell for each like in Magic 2011 as well.

Progress: The commons are in the skeleton. I'll be doing a playtest and later a flavor pass, plus polishing a few things.

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