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Wedge color schemes and a return to 'weird Magic'

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Cast Lost in the Fray only during combat before blockers are declared.
Untap target attacking creature and gain control of it until end of turn.
Legendary Planeswalker – Socratia
+1Until your next turn, all creatures you control gain hexproof.
-2Socratia becomes a copy of target nonland permanent until the beginning of your next precombat main phase.
-7You get an emblem with "at the beginning of your upkeep, scry 2. Then, you may reveal the top card of your library and gain life equal to its converted mana cost."
-7You get an emblem that's a copy of target emblem.
Put a +1/+1 counter on each of up to three target creatures. Untap those creatures.
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2014-03-17 03:30:04 by amuseum
Muckwallow Flatlands enters the battlefield tapped.
If Muckwallow Flatlands is revealed from your library, you may put it in your hand.
{t}: Add {b}, {g} or {w} to your mana pool.
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2014-03-13 23:19:11 by ChalkdustOnline
Slime Sluice enters the battlefield tapped.
If Slime Sluice is revealed from your library, you may put it in your hand.
{t}: Add {g}, {u} or {b} to your mana pool.
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2014-03-13 23:13:03 by ChalkdustOnline

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On Manifest Destination:

Ah, looking back on this, I am amused. Several months before WotC announced Khans of Tarkir, I wanted to brew up a wedge-based set since none had yet been done. Of course, the name for the what-would-become-Jeskai land is a joke on red-white-blue decks informally being called America decks, and the early American expansionist concept of 'manifest destiny'.

Over the course of Khans block, they introduce the morph variant mechanic "manifest"!

And then in the set that introduces manifest, they print a small cycle of enchantments that manifest a card then give the morph a combat ability. What colors are those in? Why, red white and blue of course! Rageform Lightform Cloudform

On Latchfinger Elf:

Dangit, Unstable happened and stole my keyword!

Augment -> Affix

On Face Trader:

What does leech do? There's no reminder text and it's not on your mechanics page.

On Bioverberating Tracker:

Some of your Augments grant their P/T in equipment form as well as their abilities; others like this one don't. That's fair enough, but I'd suggest you at least make a pattern for which ones do and which ones don't. I'll note that all Bestow and Bloodrush creatures did grant their own P/T as bonus.

On Mind Plunge:

Whoops! I don't know why I worded it like that.

On Mind Plunge:

Heh, true. "Ok up to? I discard none of it. Done." The definition of a card better players get more advantage from (and know not to play)

On Mind Plunge:

Yeah, the templating needs to say "discards a card of the chosen type if able".

On Mind Plunge:

Yeah, I misread it too. If it's nonland, this seems about right after all. Sorry for misreading it, I like it quite a lot now!

And you have some choice -- you can often name "creature" and get something, but naming something else will sometimes be better. And it's a lot better if you have too of them, which is interesting.

Another templating quibble, if it's to do what I think, I think it should probably not have "up to one"? I think if it just says "one", then they have to discard one if they can, but if it says "up to one" they can always discard nothing?

On Mind Plunge:

The funny thing is, I was going to suggest what you thought the card was, Alex, since now that Despise exists, this card is kind of worse than both Despise and Duress. Though, I do appreciate how this card could be used to cover both categories, yes. So, it seems printable as is (minus the land thingy). And I must admit that while you could make the card equal to or possibly better than Duress, I'm not really sure if you should.

On Mind Plunge:

Oh - okay, not strictly better because the opponent can discard their least useful creature rather than their most useful one. Still a problem about land though.

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