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The plane of Ranweld is characterized by two grand vortices of mana, spinning against each other. This has led to the development of five realms within, each characterized by a 'magnet' prime color, supported by its usual enemy colors.

General mechanics:

Shell (This creature cannot be the target of Auras.)

Recuse - big bombs that, normally, force all players to do something. If extra Focus cost is paid, turns "each player" in text to "each opponent"

The five realms:

===Pruhemm - White magnet, red/black supporting===

"The Brutal Kingdom"

Characteristic race: Humans

Supporting race: Lamias

Mechanics: Taunt, Leech ('inverted Sliver' mechanic)

===Iscida - Blue magnet, green/red supporting===

"The Wild Academy"

Characteristic race: Merfolk

Supporting race: Trolls

Mechanics: Rush (no summoning sickness and untaps each turn), Rally

===Tashj - Black magnet, green/white supporting===

"Machines Seeking Life"

Characteristic race: Constructs

Supporting race: Elves

Mechanics: Augment (somewhere between Bestow and equipment), TBD

===Melor - Red magnet, white/blue supporting===

"The Music of War"

Characteristic race: Tengu

Supporting race: Djinni

Flavor "Military band" + "Battle mages"

Mechanics: Feint, Altitude

===Axagos - Green magnet, blue/black supporting===

"The Poisonous Grove"

Characteristic race: Dryads/treefolk

Supporting race: Faeries

Mechanics: Revert, Supertapping

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