Phyrexian Descent 2

Phyrexian Descent 2 by Vonmarcus

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As the in-fighting continues, the various factions withing the Great machine are beginning to work together. Some in the open and some in secret. Those in secret have begun searching for a way to spread the Phryisis once the war to unit the phyrexians come to an end.

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Creature – Demon
Flying, Deathtouch, Infect
last 2014-04-17 12:47:34 by Vonmarcus
Planeswalker – Tezzeret
1 comment
2014-04-11 03:08:06 by Vonmarcus
Until end of turn you have "Pay 2 life and gain a poison counter: Add {b} to your mana pool."
last 2014-03-28 16:09:14 by Vonmarcus
Artifact Creature – Bird
Sea Trinket get +1/+1 for each untapped island your opponent controls.
Artifact Creature – Rat
Marsh trinket get +1/+1 for each untapped swamp your opponent controls.

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On Winged Death:

Hm Very good point I think that I'll make this a little bigger given the other cards out there.

On Winged Death:

True, but the same could be said about a Plague Stinger that cost four mana. Combinations inside the set doesn't all of the sudden make a card good... just a secret bomb in limited.

There's an odd question that pops up: Should designers set out to create secret bombs in limited, or should they make a cards like Winged Death cost {b}{b} and intend for it to be a strong card everywhere, and, either a super bomb in block, or just choose not be print it because the effect is too powerful. I couldn't tell you, to be honest. I can see both arguments... they both seem reasonable.

On Winged Death:

In an artifact heavy set pump spells while great are not the focus of boosting creatures equipment will be and it will only take a few equipment to make this a real monster.

On Winged Death:

most of the time i'd let a 4cc 1 power through. it's scarier on defense. but i'll just slow down my attacks a bit to save my bigger guys. regardless i'm trading with a 4cc so it's not that bad. if you attack with this, my other guys can race better.

if you play infect, i expect you have pump spells. so i'm cautious about blocking regardless of deathtouch. with deathtouch, i'll try to outrace you and not even think of blocking.

On Winged Death:

It's semi redundant - infect already makes this "I want to not have to block you" but one power makes it "But if I have to, I will, and you'll die". Deathtouch is the same, but moreso. So there is some overlap.

I still like it. It feels like one of the better cards from 'The Dark', to me.

On Winged Death:

Why is it redundant?

On Winged Death:

While it may be slightly over costed I don't see how deathtouch is redundant? I WILL kill any creature it deals damage too and will have plenty of boosts in an artifact heavy block.

On Winged Death:

overcosted , deathtouch redundant

On Winged Death:

Oooh! Nasty! Probably only slaps one poison counter onto you; but almost certainly does so. And equipped, becomes utterly beastly.

I likey.

On Tezzeret ?:

Returning for another crack at the Metal throne. What should this Tezzeret have?

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