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when ~ enters the battlefield, draw a card
{1},{t}: Look at the top card of your library.
{2}, Sacrifice ~: Search your library for a land, then shuffle your library and put that card on top of it.
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2013-06-21 15:57:31 by Alex
Artifact – Equipment
Equipped creature gets +X/+0, where X is equipped creatures toughness.
Equip {3}
when ~ enters the battlefield or dies, draw a card.
refund {2} ({2}, Reveal CARDNAME from your hand: Put CARDNAME on the bottom your library, then draw a card.)
vigilance, reach
Artifact – Wall
{1}{x}, {t}: Add X mana in any combination of colors to your mana pool.

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On CA05:

Hmm. Sensible little trinket card. Gives you a card so that the card disadvantage of finding a land with it doesn't feel so bad... at least, in theory; not sure if it'll work in practice, as I'll still be spending 5 mana to change my next draw into something it might be anyway.

You know what might help this? Change the {1}, {t} ability from "Gain 1 life" to "Look at the top card of your library".

On Fluxing Lens:

Ha! OmegaParadox, you're making me look like my set is going to copy you. I have a cycle of dual lands that do exactly this (such as Frozen Delta) designed in 2009, that I'm putting up tonight. ;)

By the by, I'm going to be attacking my own design tonight, but that doesn't mean I don't like this card. It's a good idea... it just doesn't work on a cycle of rare lands.

On Fluxing Lens:

Wizards doesn't want cards with CMC ≤ 2 to ramp and color fix in colors other than green.
Personally, however, I like the current design.

On Fluxing Lens:

That also doesn't explain why wizards was willing to take up 5 slots with Obelisk of Bant's cycle and 10 slots with Orzhov Cluestone's cycle, but not print any common signets since 2006...

On Fluxing Lens:

But... name a deck you wouldn't smack 4 of these into?

On Fluxing Lens:

signets were bad because they take up too many slots. this is fine as a 1 of

On Fluxing Lens:

Yeah, I too want the signets to return - but this is better than them - which is a step too far I guess.

If your set really needs mana wash, you could probably get away with this if it had an activation cost of {2}. (Maybe could even be cheaper to cast then, as it's often not useful.)

For mana generation - I wonder if making this a creature too, and thus more vulnerable, would make it more acceptable?

On Fluxing Lens:

The Ravnica-block signets were are already toeing the line. This is definitely over-the-top. At {3} it might be okay, if it was uncommon.

On Fluxing Lens:

Mm... it's true. There's a reason why Return to Ravnica didn't feature any two cost signets. Development articles from a couple years ago have mentioned that wizards thinks Dimir Signet is too good a card. Though we've spotted occasional exceptions to the rule (Everflowing Chalice for example), they've been keeping to colorless, and never more than one in standard.

On Fluxing Lens:

This is above the power level Wizards currently finds to be acceptable.

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