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A world focused on the Elements it is made up of.

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On Elemental Swamp (reply):

OK I have completed my Overhaul of these lands. They now work much like the Snow Covered Lands from Ice Age Block/Coldsnap in that any mana produced can be used as regular mana or as elemental mana of the appropriate type. Thus this could produce {b} or {Void} mana.

People may be a bit confused at first once all 20 Elemental basic Lands are up as each lot of 4 cards of a landtype will not necessarily have the same Elemental type - as cards in the set are given (or not) an elemental type based on their function/flavour rather than colour. This way the elements can have what fits them thematically (Fire in Fire whereas Lightning is in Air [and a White Lightning Bolt would seriously mess with people's heads]).

From playtesting this has proven the easiest way to go as it has the shortest learning curve of the versions I've tested.

On Elementis (reply):

You SHOULD read the Concept Page to understand this set before commenting on cards

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Fire Instant
Play Blaze of Fury only during the declare attackers step.
All creatures able to block target attacking creature must do so.
For each creature assigned to block the target creature, Blaze of Fury deals 1 damage to you.
last 2011-06-11 03:14:46 by jmgariepy
Air Instant
multikicker {r}{r} (You may pay an additional {r}{r} any number of times as you cast this spell.)
Choose target creature, then choose another target creature for each time Chaining Bolt was kicked. Chaining Bolt deals 3 damage to each of them.
1 comment
2011-05-31 04:30:50 by Blakemeister
Air Sorcery
Target creature gains Flying until end of turn.
Void Instant
Target non-Void creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn.
Earth Instant
Earthen Grasp deals 3 damage to target creature with Flying. That creature loses flying until end of turn.

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On Air Mephit:

Reminder text ought to be fairly doable. Create a mechanic with text something like "_({e} may be paid with either \1 or one mana from a \2 permanent)_", and then invoke it with "[ElementalReminder {W} Air]".

On Cloudscape Overlord:

Though a 5/5 Flying creature that sends your whole team to the skies whilst grounding your opponents - potentially as early as Turn 4 - is pretty nifty.

On Cloudscape Overlord:

Not sure if this is splashy enough or balanced but it does show how Affinity would work in the set.

On Air Mephit:

I think specifying the appropriate element in the reminder text is probably more intuitive, but that's just a guess.

My only caveats would be:

  • In the extremely rare case where a card changes colour and its non-converted mana cost matters, if there's a "white elemental" symbol (or a "white phyrexian" symbol for that matter), I assume the symbol is still white, but I think it would be unsurprisingly open to confusion.
  • It may be annoying to template, assuming Multiverse doesn't yet do the interpolation for you :)
On Air Mephit:

What I meant was that the reminder text will be accurate for this card but not accurate in the general case. I fear it might be more confusing than helpful to see two cards, both with the {EW} symbol, but on one the reminder text says you can pay it with Air, the other says it can be paid with Earth. It just sounds like a recipe for confusion, or for people thinking you've made a mistake typesetting your card.

On the other hand, people didn't seem to have trouble with Amplify being different on Daru Stinger vs Feral Throwback, so maybe I'm worrying too much.

On Air Mephit:

also, not everything will have an elemental type - elementals obviously, Angels = Air, Demons = Void, Dragons = Fire (Mostly), etc - but as most of the more mundane creatures are made up of a balance of elements.

On Air Mephit:

Yeah I'm really trying to take my time and balance everything both across colours and elements.

And Alex, I don't see where the current flavour text would be incorrect, seeing as {EW} can cover several elements, if you have it on every card, spelling out exactly which element type is allowed to pay for each)

In set 2 RIFT there will be multi-element cards so the text on a Fire/Earth card would be ({EW} cn be paid with either {w} or one mana from a Fire or Earth permanent)

On Air Mephit:

I like the "can be paid with W or one mana from an Air permanent" version of elemental mana, it's a good clean way to add versions of mana without making it insanely complicated. (I'm worried it'll be hard to find the right balance in how mcuh to spread the elements across the colours, but I assume you're designing with that in mind.)

On Air Mephit:

Yes, that makes sense. If you let this have a {EW} symbol for Elemental White, then you won't need the "~ is white" line. But the reminder text on here will be incorrect at that point. You'll want to say something like "{EW} can be paid with {w} or with one mana from a permanent of this card's element". Which is rather less clear.

On Air Mephit:

Now that I have elemental mana worked out, I can make these work like I originally planned. Taking a bit of inspiration from Phyrexian Mana, I'm thinking of having 'coloured' elemental mana (so this would have the Elemental Mana - Elemana for short - symbol on a white mana background colour).

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