Dark Night

Dark Night by blob

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Legendary Equipment
Equipped creature gets +2/+3, haste, and first strike
Equip {pb}{pu}
last 2013-05-29 00:50:36 by Link
Legendary Dark – Warrior
You may only play this card on a turn where 2 black creatures you controlled were destroyed.
Mercenary – Sacrifice 2 creatures
(Any player during his upkeep can sacrifice 2 creatures to gain control of Soul Eater.)
Legendary Dark – Mercenary
First Strike
Mercenary {3}{b/u}
(Any player during his upkeep can pay a cost of {3}{b/u} to gain control of Soul Eater.)
Illus. ...
{t}: If you would pay life this turn, instead pay half that amount. This lasts until end of turn.
last 2013-01-23 09:24:39 by raggarn12345
Colour indicator BR Legendary Dark – Dragon
{1}{b}{t}: Destroy target non-black pernament
{1}{r}{t}: Destroy target non-red pernament
last 2013-01-27 00:21:17 by blob

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On Midnight Sword:

It's odd how this and Soul Eater are both {u}{b} cards featuring haste and first strike. Both can appear in black, of course, but multicolored cards which are both are usually {b}{r}, since neither of those abilities are blue.

On Dark Night:

I'm making another set called Shining Day. Exact opposite

On Midnight Sword:

Somewhat odd numbers to choose for the P/T boost. Interesting equip cost though; I like that.

On Darkstorm Dragon:

I guess it is a subtype

On Phyrexian Mana Chamber:

Wouldn't a text with reduce life loss by 1 each time you pay phyrexian mana be exactly the same. But less confusing for new players?

On Phyrexian Mana Chamber:

My first thought was that, based on Manalith this could be cheaper. But then I remembered that this file has a lot of {pb}{pb}{pb}{pb} type costs in it. Hmm...

On Phyrexian Mana Chamber:

Templating aside... this is kinda nice. Largely eliminates the downside to playing heavy phyrexia multicolour but is costly enough itself that it still means the main punishment for trying to play everything very very quickly is still there.

On Phyrexian Mana Chamber:

Phyrexian mana doesn't deal damage to you. You pay life. This could possibly be "If you would pay life this turn, you may pay half that much life instead," or... hmm. "UEOT, you may pay 1 life rather than pay {p} costs of spells and abilities you control." My first suggestion is very powerful, though.

On Darkstorm Dragon:

What exactly is a "Dark?" Is it a creature? A subtype?

On Spell of Darkened Shadow:

I'm pretty sure that's true, unless your opponents all ganged up on you and they were all using burn decks.

1st ability >> your turn

2nd ability >> opponent's turn

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