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Destroy all creatures. If this spell was foretold, create X 1/1 blue and black tentacle creature token, X being all creature destroyed this way.
Foretell {4}{b}{b}
1 comment
2022-11-06 12:06:02 by SecretInfiltrator
Each players mill half their library, discard half their hand and sacrifice half their nonland permanents. Rounded down each time.
1 comment
2022-11-03 01:22:40 by SecretInfiltrator
Draw a card for all milled card this turn.
You have no maximum hand size for the rest of the game.
Legendary Creature – Vampire God
If a non creature card would be put into a graveyard from anywhere, exile it instead. You may play a card exiled this way once per turn.
Jokes are always funnier the second time.
Legendary Creature – Horror Artificer
Mark Zuckerberg has all the abilities of all artifacts in all graveyards.
Whenever you draw a card, all oponents mill a card.
Welcome to the Meta Verse, where the product is you.

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On End of Civilisation:

This is a Damnation-variant, not a common.

Also the second ability is all upside over Damnation (which itself is a very desirable board wipe), so this should cost more. Way more, since this reads better than Kirtar's Wrath.

On Half Way There:

This strikes me as rare, more likely mythic rare.

While black can destroy lands, they are in a category of their own, I feel. I'd prefer even "half their nonland permanents and half their lands".

Wording is iffy - Should be "each player" to begin with.

On Mind Robbery:

This has practical problems - it's hard enough to keep track of who owns what when it's all face up and visible. When it's shuffled into an opponents hand? Will you be sure to get it back at end of game? What happens if they're made to discard a card - can you be sure that plains goes to their graveyard andnot back into yours?

It's not insurmountable ("set them aside, treat them as if they were in your hand" would work) but it's a pain point.

And a second usefulness pain point is that, of course, you need a lot of mana fixing for this to be viable.

And finally: "Target player". You're a player. You can trarget your own hand, which means just straight draw some cards. It's probably a fair cost for the effect (you want it to be draw a huge number, but it's probably going to be draw 2, later in the game) but on top of the potential effect of forcing an opponent to cycle their hand is probably too cheap to be that flexible.

On Mystic Jellyfish:

Dully noted !

On Apostle Gathering:

Thanks again !

This card will only appear in a draft set im building for commander for a couple of friends. The power level of milled cards will be adjust in consequence but thanks none the less! Im probably gonna tweak and balance it further down the line.

Thanks for your input !

On Adept of the Void:

I wanted to make a common creature that would be sac for this effect but I really want to emphasis a more instant/sorcery/enchantment design for this archetype.

I'll think about it ! Thanks !

On The Bigger Fish:

You're right !!! Thank you!

On Horror Beyond Comprehension:

Just the first line should cost more than six mana.

On Steroided Crab:

No power/toughness.

Shouldn't a better crab cost more?

On Necronomicon, Codex of the Void:

I don't think, suspend does what you think it does.

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