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18 green, 56 multicolour, 23 hybrid, 3 artifact

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Legendary Creature – Mushroom Horror
Whenever COVID-19 enters the battlefield, all creature get -1/-1. Repeat this process if a creature would go in a graveyard this turn.
COVID-19 gets +1/+1 whenever a creature dies while it is on the battlefield.
Legendary Creature – Raccoon Pirate
Double strike
Whenever Don Coonleon deals combat damage to a player, exchange the control of two target non land permanent.
Whenever you discard a card, create that many treasure tokens.
I'm gonna make you a deal you can't refuse.
Creature – Ape
{t}: target creature fights another target creature.
Legendary Creature – Ape Shaman
Whenever you sacrifice a treasure token, you may exile the top 3 cards of your library. You may cast any creature exiled this way until the end of turn.
Creature – Ape Shaman
{t} and sacrifice Ooga Bunga Monkey : Destroy target non land permanent. If you control another ape creature, destroy another target non land permanent.

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On Cold Waters:

Wording here is hard

On Snowballin':

Might need some help to word this one out

On Quicksands:

What's up with all the mana symbols?

On The Thing:

Absolutely! Will correct soon. Thank you for pointing it out!

On The Flow of Sand:

You are absolutely right. Thank you for your input, I will be making corrections soon. I am still brainstorming and pitching ideas and havent start really balancing yet. I'll tone it down probably make it so you have to choose. Thanks again tho

On The Flow of Sand:

Every upkeep? So in a four-player game controlling three Deserts with this and no opponent playing Deserts this draws twelve cards and drains 12 life each turn cycle?

This is a seven mana enchantment, I get it, but its scaling in multiplayer seems unhealthy for any attempt to balance it properly.

On The polar ice caps:

À la place des pingouin, ca pourrait être un "Dans l'eau" Token qui dit que les créatures peuvent pas attaquer/défendre tant qu'ils ont le token. Ca serait plus flavorfull pis ca leur donnerait la chance de les sortir de l'eau (me semble)

On The Thing:

Cards aren't tokens.

On Banana Peel:

Faut faire le shit avec un D20, si tes down de le faire jsuis turbo souws

On Silent Monk:

Ça peut être jouer dans le deck ninja, justement.

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