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This is NOT a block/set. This is the home for all of my ideas, some inspired by other cards on this site, some by old cards(and by Old I mean Pre-Border Change), some by new cards, some from sources other than Magic and some just out of my head.

I cannot guarantee that every card will be a 'good' card and some will definately be bad cards but every card that goes into my 'little black book' of designs (a notebook that I keep with me for jotting down random ideas) will be posted here if it isn't used in my Aerikal Block (Aerikal, dark Omens, & Deliverance).

I plan to post every card I come up with because even the worst design could have a grain of brilliance and the feedback I get from everyone helps a lot; either to improve a card, kill a card, or inspire a new card. It also helps me get better at designing good cards.

As this is simply a repository for random cards, I doubt that I will ever use all of them - or even many of them - in a later Block/Set so, if you see something you like or that fits your block/set, feel free to 'borrow' it (this includes mechanics), I simply ask that you let me know so I can see what you do to/with it.

Cheers Camruth

Recently created Cards that I am interested in feedback on:

Updated on 18 Mar 2013 by Camruth