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Legendary Creature – Shapeshifter
Hidden Commander – Whenever this creature enters the battlefield you may search your library for a Legendary Creature card, reveal it and put it into your Command Zone. If you do, the revealed creature replaces your current Commander.
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2023-05-16 01:56:00 by Camruth
Legendary Artifact
Suspend 4 – 4
Pay 4 Life: If Doomsday Device is suspended, add or Remove a Time counter from Doomsday Device. Any player may activate this ability.
Exile Doomsday Device: Exile all permanents.
If Doomsday Device would enter the battlefield from anywhere other than exile, you lose the game.
last 2023-05-16 01:39:10 by Camruth
Legendary Creature – God
Whenever a source you control deals non-combat damage to an opponent, create an X/X blue and Red Elemental creature token where X is equal to the damage dealt.
{t}, Sacrifice X Elementals: Procan, the Tempestuous deals X damage to any target.
Sacrifice an Elemental: Return Procan to its owner's hand.
Creature – Goblin
Whenever an opponent sacrifices an Artifact, Scrap Scrounger deals 1 damage to that player.
{2}{r},{t}: Target player sacrifices an Artifact.
Creature – Zombie Wizard
Whenever a creature card is put into a graveyard from anywhere put a Corpse counter on Corpse Collector.
{2}{b}, {t}, Remove a Corpse counter from a permanent you control: Draw a card.

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On Formless, the Deceiver:

Preliminary idea to mechanically represent having a "Hidden Commander" in your deck. Probably totally busted as is, needs work.

On Doomsday Device:
On Doomsday Device:

I suppose the time counter related activated ability wants to say something like "if this card is suspended".

On Porphyrios, Tyrant of the Strait:

based on the "monster"of ancient rome of the same name. ETB/Attack ability is based off the card Recoil.

On Sorcha Coldflame:

Playing around with ideas for a Fire and Ice type character, very preliminary.

On Wolfpack Alpha:

So maybe something like this? Pack (when this enters the battlefield, reveal cards from top of library until you reveal a card that shares a creature type, put revealed card in hand and rest on bottom in random order)

On Wolfpack Alpha:

Could be like amplify and not mention the creature type, but just use any "creature that shares a creature type with this".

Would depend on whether you'd want this on noncreature cards.

That way you wouldn't need to come up with a name for the mechanic that can incorporate the creature type though.

On Wolfpack Alpha:

New idea for an ability. Wolfpack is a placeholder name as it would be a tribal ability so you could have Elfpack, Goblinpack, etc. Need to come up with a better name.

On Typhon, Deep Elder:

GUB Kraken commander for whelming wave style deck.

On Alara the Awoken:

You are correct, the first -2 was ever really only there until I could think of something better.

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