Onar, Titans' Dominions: The Plane of Onar

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Onar is a gigantic plane whose biomes can stretch entire continents. A unique feature of Onar is that size is a predeterminate of intelligence and magical ability. Humans and other similar creatures born on Onar have only the most rudimentary technological knowledge, no understanding of magic and nothing of their own in the way of culture (though some other creatures, often World Titans will be venerated by humanoids if the World Titans are willing to condition the humans). While creatures such as ogres may be more compatible to their counterparts on other planes, often creatures simply described as monstrous such as hydras, lamassus, manticores, whales, and phoenices are intelligent annd have complex cultures and an ability to spellcraft marked on par with mages on other planes.

Certain creatures are exceptionally skilled at drawing and using mana, as prodigies always exist. A second natural feature of Onar is that in such cases, exceptional amounts of mana will empower an individual and be at their disposal, making them considered the unquestionably best in their area of magical expertise. Such individuals are known as World Titans, and there are almost always five, one of color of mana, existing at a time, though every so often there may be a few years before another creature takes the mantle. No World Titan has ever had dominion over two colors of mana. The biomes are so large that few creatures can ever fully understand one they are familiar, let alone become fluent in the knowledge and understanding of another biome, and scholars of the World Titan mantle believe this is why no World Titan has even controlled two or more dominions.

Due to the amount of space available on type lines, World Titan, Bataarn and Ganyar and World Titan, Miyoc don't have class types. If they did, Bataarn and Ganyar would be shaman and Miyoc would be a cleric.

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