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So pwetty

Supreme Draft is a format introduced to Magic Online not long ago. The basics are: you draft completely alone, just open 18 boosters and pick 2 cards from each, then build a Limited deck.

This set in particular is very focused on permanents and counters, with a midrange-y build-up feel. The archetypes are: ­{w}{u} Fliers: tempo, evasion, benefits for attacking, raid ­{u}{b} Infect: aggro, evasion, proliferate poison, recursion and cloning for your infect creatures ­{b}{r} Sacrifice creatures: somewhat aggro, triggers for sacrificing and dying as well as recursion ­{r}{g} Sacrifice artifacts: midrange, Clues and Treasure, stabilize and overtake with powerful artifact sacrifice effects ­{g}{w} +1/+1 counters: aggro-midrange, proliferate counters and out-curve your opponent ­{w}{b} Dies triggers: small creatures and tokens, dies triggers and revolt ­{b}{g} -1/-1 counters: control, defensive infect and wither, proliferate counters ­{g}{u} Proliferate: midrange, abuse with infect, energy, charge or +1/+1 counters ­{u}{r} Artifact matters: control, artifact counting and sacrifice, powerful spells ­{r}{w} Go wide: aggro, tokens, cards that count creatures

I play this on Cockatrice, so it had to be a set full of reprints. That coupled with my inexperience of the ramifications of Supreme draft (and just two weekends of work) means this is a little unbalanced. But I like this first attempt and encourage people to try the format.

Thanks to Multiverse for having an easy way to generate boosters (respecting rarity) and being able to import it from an Excel formula.

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