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Spark of Limbo deals 1 damage to any target.
Legendary landcycling {3}
Creature – Gith Monk
Legendary landcycling {3}
Creature – Dragon
When Chaos Dragon enters the battlefield, target opponent sacrifices an artifact or land.
Creature – Chaond
Whenever you cycle or discard a card, Chaond gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
Creature – Slaad Warrior
When Slaad Guerilla dies, exile the top card of your library. Until end of turn, you may play that card.

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On Undersigil Necromancer:

I was wondering about that and I was sort of under that impression that I may have to make this uncommon, yea.

On Undersigil Necromancer:

I think Wizards has moved gravedigger effects to uncommon for Limited reasons

On Celestial Spirit:

Tinkering here a bit. I would ideally like a card like this to be legendary to work with the theme and function with Reputation.

On Break Ranks:

Fun fact: Can be used on your own planeswalker (or creature, but we've seen that before).

On Out of the Abyss:

Simplified things much more here, and I think it works as a common. If Aid The Fallen can net you both for the same cost at common, netting you one or the other + the option to legendary landcycle instead seems fair.

On Knowledge of the Guild:

Likewise changed to uncommon and added legendary landcycling.

On Slow Time:

Changed to uncommon and added legendary landcycling.

On Out of the Abyss:

What's "spell" referring to? All nonland cards (in the main deck) can be cast as spells. Is it "nonpermanent"?

In that case: I think at this point you are closer to green (which is able to get any card type back).

Since all planeswalkers are already legendary (will this set touch that?), a green card returning any legendary card would be an option.

Is the Abyss a neutral afterlife or one of the hell variants?

On Stream of Styx:

One idea in the back of my mind is to see if I can finagle/manage to make legendary lands with Grandeur.

Also, the tri color schemes on these cards seem more like they'd be more apropriate for a 2nd set with more multicolor stuff.

On Out of the Abyss:

Just changed it to something else entirely. Another comparison is Aid The Fallen, which surprised me that as a common it actually lets you get both a creature and planeswalker for 2. This adds "legendary spell", which broadens things, but doesn't let you get more than one thing. Not sure if it should be a common though, or if I'm bending black's color pie too much into blue's territory.

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