Deadbolt by Tahazzar

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A fan set based on the game named "Deadbolt". The set is a doodle tbh.

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Creature – Skeleton Artificer
When Technician enters the battlefield, create a colorless artifact token named Booby Trap with "When this is buried from the battlefield, it deals 2 damage to any target creature chosen at random."
When Technician dies, destroy target artifact.
last 2018-09-27 15:41:26 by Alex
Creature – Skeleton Soldier
Whenever Grunt attacks, defending player loses 1 life.
Creature – Hound
Haste, double strike
Hellhound can't attack alone.
"Hellhounds from beneath,
bred by the undead.
Go stop the weeping,
and gnashing of teeth."
—The Fireplace
Creature – Zombie
Flash (You may cast this spell any time you could cast an instant.)
When Hanged Head dies, draw a card, then discard a card.
Security Cameras have no way of harming on their own, their only purpose is alarming the other undead.
Legendary Creature – Mercenary
First strike, deathtouch
Whenever The Reaper attacks, exile any number of target marked creatures.
"Look upon your reflection," said the fireplace, "and remember that you are different. You are not undead."
Illus. Hopoo Games

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On Technician:

Yup! October 2010 was when the very first cardset was uploaded to Multiverse, Sienira's Facets... It's awesome to see how much fun people have on here and I'm really glad the site fills a role that you guys find useful or entertaining :)

On Technician:

Has it really been so long? Wow, okay. Thx!

On Technician:

Congratulations on getting card number One Hundred Thousand!

And thank you to everyone for being part of this community over the past eight years :)

On Zombie King:

Reference to the faction name and the achievement.

On The Dredged:

Reference to the faction and achievement.

See Reassembling Skeleton.

On Sanctuary Cat:
On Pugilism:

Reference to the achievement.

Functional reprint of Rabid Bite.

On Pirouette:

Reference to the achievement.

On Night Out:

Reference to the mission.

On Nesting Sniper:
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