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[EMCEDES] Starrbux by Froggychum

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Basic Creature – Human Idiot Internetian
Basic Bro is Male
Q: What is a Basic Bro?
A: A dude who gravitates towards such things as Axe Body Spray, Fantasy Football and Man Caves
last 2018-08-24 17:31:53 by Froggychum
Basic Creature – Human Idiot Internetian
Basic Broette is Female
Q: What is a Basic Broette
A: A white chick who, while drinking her pumpkin spice latte, is simultaneously using her white IPhone X, which is already cracked and covered in an obnoxious case, even though she got it just a few weeks ago, to text her friends who are across the table from her about the latest Pretty Little Liars episode which starred her Holywood Boyfriend who she thinks she actually has a chance with, as well as using Instagram to like her own selfie which she filtered with a flower crown
Artifact – Food
When Controversy Cup enters the battlefield, put target Leftist creature into it's library, third from the top
{t}, Sacrifice Controversy Cup: Gain 3 life
Enchantment – Aura Curse
Enchant player
Choose a name
Enchanted player's name is the chosen name instead
Creature – Antelope
Trample, Vigilance

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On Basic Bro:
On Basic Bro:

That makes more sense.

On Basic Bro:

paraphrased from urban dictionary

On Basic Bro:

i completely agree.

I found the joke and put it on this card because i liked it, not because it fit.

everyone has had time to see it so i'll replace it.. i have to think of something original to put in there now. Definitely gonna be the same format, maybe i'll try a little find and replace.

On Basic Bro:

I don't get this, frankly. A "neckbeard" and a "bro" are completely different things to me.

On Basic Bro:

Pg enough, Y/N?

On Coffee:

wordy can be funny, so your last statement i disagree with in half.

And sure, I will use this new wording, thanks for the time !

On Coffee:

Probably shouldn't seriously comment on a joke card; but.

Wow; that's roughly twice as many words that fit on a card. Let's try and trim it down a bit.

The first clause can be dropped - only black and white mana does anything anyway. If someone wants to randomly feed extra mana in to no effect, let them.

Sacrifice unless they paid {b}. Ok; make the mana cost {x}{b} and you can drop that clause too.

The white milk counter on ETB.. could be tightened slightly. But the next clause means you can drop it completely. Casting cost is now just {b}, and you can add milk as needed.

The combination of {t} and {w/b}{t} for the gain life isn't needed. Drop the first one.

The final clause is fiddly, but is distinct, and can at least be simplified a bit - removing the counters isn't needed when it's being sacrificed.

Wording of the card is now the much shorter:

­{w}: Put a milk counter on ~ ­{w/b}{t}, Remove X milk counters from ~: Gain 2 life, then gain twice X life. ­{w}{b}, Sacrifice ~: Gain 3 life for each milk counter on ~.

Which is still too much wording for a common; let alone a joke card :)

On Coffee:

Coffee's mana cost may only be payed with {w} or {b} When Coffee enters the battlefield, sacrifice it unless {b} was spent to cast it For each {w} spent in Coffee's mana cost, put a Milk counter on it ­{w}: Put a milk counter on Coffee ­{t}: Gain 2 life ­{w/b}{t}: Gain 2 life, then remove X Milk counters from Coffee, gain 2 life for each Milk counter removed this way ­{w}{b}: Sacrifice Coffee, remove all Milk counters from it, for each Milk counter removed this way, gain 3 life

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