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Artifact – Equipment
Quickdraw {r} (You may cast this attached to attacking or blocking creature you control for its quickdraw cost. If you do, unattach it at the end of combat.)
Enchanted creature has first strike.
Equip {3} ({3}: Attach to target creature you control. Equip only as a sorcery.)
Illus. Elvira Arkanov
last 2018-11-16 02:20:24 by jmgariepy
Enchantment – Aura
Enchant creature with flying
When Storm Break enters the battlefield, tap enchanted creature. It deals damage equal to its power to each other creature with flying.
Enchanted creature doesn't untap during its controller's untap step.
Illus. Paul Phippen
1 comment
2018-07-12 12:59:15 by Tahazzar
Creature – Plant Wall
Deathtouch (Any amount of damage this deals to a creature is enough to destroy it.)
Sacrifice a Plant: You gain 2 life.
Illus. Alexandra Schastlivaya
1 comment
2018-07-07 14:45:47 by HarrisonA
Creature – Spirit
Legion gets +1/+1 for each creature you control and each creature card in your graveyard.
The seventy-first spirit appeared in a form with many countenances; for his is the wrath of the many.
Illus. Mikael Bourgouin
last 2018-03-24 07:53:52 by Tahazzar
Creature – Demon
Unseal Sacrifice two permanents (Sacrifice two permanents: Destroy this. Its controller draws a card. Any player may activate this ability)
1 comment
2018-01-08 06:28:55 by Tahazzar

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On Stainless Quick Fix:

If I was stuck on two lands, I'd be frustrated to know that I couldn't reequip the gun. But, yes. I do like the mechanic.

On Stainless Quick Fix:

Huh. That's a nifty keyword for it. And quite a widely applicable effect.

On Storm Break:
On Ghastly Walnut:

That's a tree I can get behind.

On Legion:

The change seems similar to what I've been doing with "you get X, where X is blaa" texts by essentially replacing them with "for each blaa, you get 1" or "you get X equal to the number of blaa".

Yeah, no card references here so that makes sense.

EDIT: I started looking for existing cards to pick out those reference points, but I find that references in general are kind of weird actually. It's not that much of a stretch to say that this refers Revenant, Scion of the Wild, and/or Crusader of Odric though not explicitly so. Flavor text on Revenant especially is quite similar and the general themes are close, even with Crusader.

On Legion:

I dislike this wording change simply because it removes the * symbol from cards which looks really cool in the p/t stat box.

I understand why they're making the changes from a rules perspective but from an emotional perspective I'm sad to see it go and will use the old style in my cards when possible.

(I won't be naming my one Legion since the cube supposed to be nostalgia orientated and not introduce new planes/factions. Feel free to use it here and congratulations on the art and flavour text.)

On Legion:

See http://www.magicmultiverse.net/cards/92300 in "25th Anniversary Cube".

Dominaria spoilers suggests this will be the preferred way in the future to implement these kind of variable p/t creatures.

On Sealed Ravager:

"Bound Ravager"?

On Blackwood Mercenary:

My thinking was that the actual text (not reminder) is somewhere along the lines of:

> "{x}: Remove ~ from combat. It blocks target attacking creature (if able?). Activate this ability only during the declare blockers step."

> "{x}: Remove from ~ combat. It attacks the defending player if able? Activate this ability only during the declare attackers step."

Hmmm, this would mean that the blocker would have the last say since that step comes afterwards. Eh, maybe the mechanic's implementation could be envisioned in some other way.

Also, there would have to be rules about who divides the combat damage between blocking creatures and such.


Perhaps you could try removing the option for other players to "hire" them and have the ability just be "{b}: Gain control of ~ UEOT."


For hire {x} (This creature isn't controlled by any player. It has "{x}: This creature's owner gains control it of until end of turn.")

On Blackwood Mercenary:

Eenteresting. Does attacker get first refusal? What if there are multiple attacking or defending players? What happens if both sides pay?

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