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On Leechcraft:

The mood and timing of the illustration doesn't really coincide with the quote. The image seems like it depicts Grima very much in control, which is fitting to the cardname and effect, but the quote is about Theoden breaking free from the influence and that pretty much seems like an ill fit.

On Leechcraft:
on 2019-02-10 08:26:08 by Vitenka (unlogged):

The art is from the art book. (One of the? I'm sure there's more than one). So, well, of course it is? And the quote is from the scene there pictured.

And, I mean - it's a nice picking up of a minor quote from that scene. But then it's taking one word from that, making it the card name, and trying to give that a purpose. Which is, well, to leech 3 life.

So it's workmanlike, but not massively inspired; in terms of choosing the flavour.

I guess it would have been less intresting to directly interpret the scene, as some kind of tap-down card, or creature control card. Especially as we don't see the set-up for it, only the king being a bit of an arse to Gandalf, and later breaking free.

On Leechcraft:

Well yeah, flavor is the least important part of designing a card. Flavor justifies nothing, and using a flavor argument to defend a bad design merely demonstrates inexperience, or arrogance once you've been corrected once already

On Leechcraft:

Yeah, does insulting people usually works to get them to come around? Because I'm not surprised people didn't feel like commenting on the other stuff you apparently care about after their input was rudely dismissed.

On Leechcraft:

I already gave strong opinions about the SPIRIT of the card. Everybody ignored the CARDNAME, ART, FLAVOR TEXT, the SOURCE MATERIAL (Lord of the Rings.)

but y'all keep yammering about pointless color pie crap. that's why there is no merits to your vapid discussions.

On Leechcraft:

"I paid {2}{w}{w} and all I got for it was a cantrip 3 life" T-shirt?

Yeah yeah, I know, flexibility makes it worth it. And the symmetry of the effect is pleasing.

On Leechcraft:

I'm sure you were replying to someone there, amuseum, but since you mostly use your posts to just talk down to people, I assume you aren't interested in discussing the merits, but just feeling superior by acting smug.

What is your position then other than that you think others are inferior and that the point someone made just before you bears repeating, but in a more obnoxious way?

On Leechcraft:

so you really never ever seen a white card that gains life and draw a card? what about Blessed Wine, Convalescent Care, Dawn of Hope, Prophecy, Resupply, Revitalize, Reviving Dose, Ritual of Rejuvenation, Spiritual Focus, Spiritualize, Survival Cache.

Damn I'm out of breath.

On Seasonal Cycle:

none of criticisms make any sense.

what is difference between counter and marker? either dictionary sense or game sense.

this is the leveler frame. so how is it less legible when it's the exact same layout?

On Seasonal Cycle:

Congrats, you reinvented sagas. Wizards already tried this version and it didn't work out

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