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Exile all nonbasic permanents and all cards from all graveyards. Then, put all noncreature nonplaneswalker cards exiled this way onto the battlefield under your control. For each permanent that entered the battlefield this way, add {r}.
Legendary Land
{t}: Add {c}.
{2}{w}, {t}: Until end of turn, Wall creatures you control can block any number of creatures.
Enchantment Creature – Wall
Defender, flash
Whenever Backlash Barricade blocks, each creature it is blocking deals damage equal to its power to its controller.
Add X amount of {b}, where X is the number of untapped lands target opponent controls plus the amount of that opponent's unspent mana.
1 comment
2020-11-23 19:24:39 by dude1818
All creatures and planeswalkers have indestructible for as long as they have no combat damage assigned to them.

Combat damage can't be prevented.
1 comment
2020-11-23 19:13:08 by shukkets

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On Mana Siphon:

Black doesn't get rituals anymore unless it's playing a black cost (sacrifice, discard, etc). Also, modern templates don't say mana pool anymore :/

On Honor-Binding Geas:

Them: Stop trying to make aggro viable in commander, aggro's never going to be viable in commander.

Me: No.

On Howling Wind:


On Howling Wind:


On Freedom:

removed: "Freedom can't be countered"

added: "can't gain control of spells and permanents you control"

On Freedom:

"Freedom can't be countered" may be the most 'Murica thing I've read on a Magic card. :D

On Creepy Crawlies:

Haha cool :)

On Gorehorn Stampede:
On Tovalar the Mageslayer:

The activated ability rarely comes up in practice, and people just stop casting spells once Ruric Thar hits play in my experience

On Tovalar the Mageslayer:

I agree with both of dude's arguments.

I think James is right about making this a 4/2, though I definitely think this shouldn't be pushed to 2 damage, 1 is plenty. It does seem kind of weak to me, but considering this could trigger easily a few times per turn (maybe even several in a round), this is quite decent already. Also, against the right decks, this basically forces them to either not combo, or do as much of their combo as they can without being burned to death (which means they may likely leave themselves in Lightning Bolt range, or Shock range, too perhaps).

This should definitely not have 3 health. I would even say give it 1 health, but that's normally kept for a Spark Elemental style card. This should have low health, so it can be killed in combat, since spells can't be cast on it.

I really like this flavor by the way, and the card mechanic itself is pretty good too.

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