Biologica by Froggychum

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23 commons, 17 uncommons, 13 rares, 3 mythics

8 white, 8 blue, 10 black, 8 red, 9 green,
2 multicolour, 1 hybrid, 8 artifact, 2 land

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The plane that twists the meaning of the word "Life".

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Creature – Homunculus Bat Horror
{u}{b}, Sacrifice Silver Eye: Target player mills three cards. Activate this ability only if Silver Eye dealt combat damage to that player this turn.
last 2018-06-25 13:05:49 by Froggychum
Creature – Horror
"It lashed out at me, striking me down with it's dripping veins, the next thing I knew, it was on me, sticking those cold and horrible things down my throat"
-Rib Diode, Survivor
Creature – Snake Horror
{t}: Add {b}{b}, activate this ability only if an opponent has two or more Poison counters
last 2017-11-11 15:17:39 by Froggychum
Creature – Snake Horror
Deathtouch, Menace
Whenever Nervices Systemcrasher attacks, target player gets a Poison counter
last 2018-06-25 13:06:34 by Froggychum
Artifact – Equipment
Equip {4}
Equipped creature gets +4/+0 and gains First Strike

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On Biologica:

i actually finished this a while ago, also sorry for the sudden update on this set, i accidentaly transported some cards here by accident

On Nervices Systemcrasher:

What would be a more appropriate body for such a creature?

On Silver Eye:

I think now it might be too complex for common...

On Silver Eye:

Maybe to keep it hybrid, rather than having offensive discard, I could have say, perhaps mill 3 on the opponent?

Also I think an activation cost is something i'd prefer, it puts down the power level more than a higher cmc...

On Nervices Systemcrasher:

Bonus point for giving out poison counters on attack rather than damage. That's a good idea. But on a 5/5 with evasion and deathtouch? That's an unlikely place to make a poison counter matter as one of two cards with the mechanic in the set.

On Silver Eye:

Cards with hybrid costs should fit all of their color combinations.

Offensive discard and flying work in black; only flying works in blue, discard not so much.

Two cards worth of discard are also quite a haul for one mana - consider tha the combat damage restriction is quite easily achieved thanks to flying (and a low enough mana cost that an opponent will usually not have a blocker for a flier).

Compare Brain Weevil (though it's not top of the power level just a clear comparisson).

You could increase the cost of this to... maybe three mana? The simplest trick to get this into a roughly reasonable state both for color mechanic fits and balance would probably be changing the mana cost from {u/b} to {u}{b}.

Alternatively adding {u}{b} to the activation cost to keep the cmc at one - if so desired.

On Silver Eye:

my bad. I guess discard is my next choice.


On Silver Eye:

dimir would not add mana, this card doent make a lot of sense... Maybe change it to something like draw/discard/lifeloss/removal, y'know? something blue black does... otherwise that ability is spot on but mana ramp is not in those colors

On Seismic Development:

would it be better to make this an instant for {3}{g}?

On Prohibitor of Death:

i don't know if this is balanced in comparison to Abyssal Persecutor or if it is something else acceptable in other ways

ie if it has been done before ie color difference between white and black ie other

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