Zombie Apocalypse Top Down

Zombie Apocalypse Top Down by mace20

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Creature – Human Scout
When Watchful Sniper reloads, target player reveals their hand.
Creature – Human Rogue
Menace, Deathtouch

When Ruthless Saboteur deals combat damage to a player, that player discards a card.
If we can't have it, they can't either
last 2017-09-27 05:08:24 by dude1818
Creature – Human Soldier
If Trained Sharpshooter is equipped, Trained Sharpshooter has deathtouch
last 2017-09-27 04:07:40 by Sorrow
Creatures you control have hexproof.

When a creature you control attacks or you activate a creature's activated ability, put Stealth Formation on top of your library.
Creature – Human Soldier
First Strike

If Lone Survivor is the only creature you control, it has indestructible.

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On Ruthless Saboteur:

That'll play real bad though. Nonintuitive

On Trained Sharpshooter:

I see you went with green. I'd recommend giving the creature unconditional reach at this point to boost it up. Without equipment you have a 2/2 for 3, which isn't great in green. Plus, reach would totally gel with the name.

On Ruthless Saboteur:

From a flavour perspective (which is the main idea of this set) I like the idea of this guy being only able to take out one blocker. He's just a greedy, ruthless dude, he can take people out but he's not some expert fighter.

On Ruthless Saboteur:

If it's double-blocked, you can only kill one of the blockers. Needs to be a 2/1.

On Trained Sharpshooter:

White doesn't get deathtouch on its own. The flavor makes sense, but I don't think it jives with the color pie.

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